Woman at War Netflix Cast, Plot, Trailer, and What to Expect

Woman at War Netflix Cast, Plot, Trailer, and What to Expect

Kimjun Demo
February 09 2023 - 02:38pm

Showing the other side of the story of war and invasion, Woman at War is now one of the Top 10 shows on Netflix. With men being the highlight of war movies and films, this new Netflix series will give us a clear look at what women at war are.

Woman at War is not just a story of survival and traumatic events but also a drama that defies the capabilities of women in society. 

In this article, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about Woman at War cast, story, and discuss what you can expect from this masterpiece.

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Is Woman at War worth watching?

The Woman at War is a story of 4 women including a Paris sex worker, a nun, a nurse, and the head of a factory. As the title suggests the story runs in the lives of these 4 maidens surviving while the men are away at war. How can they manage to survive the war at home and help those people in need?

Though the story begins with fewer people having an interest in it, it is still quite amusing how the Netflix series gained public attention and now ranking as the #3 show in the US. The series was an adaptation of the classic novel 'All Quiet on the Western Front'. The WW1 concept of Woman at War and the historical adaptation is one of the reasons for its high remarks. 

In this Netflix miniseries, you will surely appreciate history and understand how wars shaped society and its people. One biggest contribution of this series are creating a tribute to all women in society who broke gender roles and stereotypes to serve the country. As men are acknowledged to lead most of the establishments in society, these brave women take their steps not just to help to survive the war but also to dedicate themselves to serving their country. The series takes place in St. Paulin in 1914 when French soldiers were attempting to keep the German invasion from reaching Paris. 

So if you are tired of seeing just gunshots in war and want to take a look at the women's point of view during these tough times, then definitely watch Woman at War.

Woman at War Plot Summary

Spoiler Alert! 

Woman at War started with the character of Caroline Played by Sofia Essaidi who eventually became a person in charge of the Dewitt Factory as his husband Victor decided to participate in the 1914 war between Germany and France. 

Caroline struggled to manage the factory and the workers as a woman while also preventing Charles, Victor's brother in his plans for the factory. Dewitt Factory was known as a company that manufactures trucks and Charles wanted to convert the company to producing weapons. He claimed that the company can gain more profit from selling weapons than manufacturing trucks, especially in times of war. 

As a woman of the company dedicated to taking responsibility and making his husband proud, Caroline decided to think of a sustainable way to save the factory. She thinks of converting their trucks into ambulances that at the same time can contribute to the war going on in the country. 

Suzanne Faure is an abortionist who landed in St. Paulin, together with a smuggler, Jeanne Charrier, after being involved in illegal abortions and accused of killing the detective's wife. Jeanne helped Suzanne in escaping the law by hiding her in her truck but in an attempt to run away she got shot and Jeanne had to find a place to heal her. 

Marguerite de Lancaster went to St. Paulin on the other hand, searching for a job. She landed in the Dumont House operating a sex business and was known to sleep with army men. In the preceding episodes it will be later on revealed the real reason why Marguerite went to St. Paulin. 

Mother Agnes is a God servant who dedicated her life to serving her church. She helped wounded soldiers brought to the St. Paulin church. Mother Agnes is a nun but as the church was converted into a hospital to serve those who needed she struggled as she witnessed the chaotic war happening to her village.

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What to expect in Woman at War

Not just a historical event recognizing the sacrifices of brave soldiers during World War 1, Women at War offers the audience the other side of the story. As men were away fighting against the German invasion a specific group of women took over the village in helping the soldiers during the war. The tragic genre of war and survival opens the eyes of the audience to the hardships encountered by brave soldiers and creates a massive impact on the viewers. 

We will also be expecting different kinds of romance in the character of Marguerite and Caroline who happened to be ex-lovers. In the death of Victor during the war will she be opening herself to a new love story?

There will be a plot-twisting event in the character of Marguerite who will later on reveal her secret and reasons for arriving in St. Paulin village.

Women at War / Les Combattantes (2022) - Trailer (English Subs)

Cast and Lead Characters

With an outstanding rating on Netflix comes a stunning cast behind the screen. Here is the cast of Woman at War that definitely portrays the character they have. 

  • Audrey Fleurot as Marguerite De Lancaster 

Audrey Fleurot portrays the character of Marguerite, a Parisian prostitute of the Dumont House that runs a sex business. Audrey Fleurot is known for appearing in the series Haut Potentiel Intellectuel, Spiral, Call My Agent, and Safe. She also appeared in the films Untouchable and Midnight in Paris.

  • Camille Lou as Suzanne Faure

Camille Lou plays the character of Suzanne, a nurse who was accused of illegal abortions at the start of the series and landed in St. Paulin while attempting to go to Switzerland to escape the detective of the case she was involved in.

Camille Lou appeared in the series Je Te Promets and The Red Band Society; she also has films like Play and New Biz in the Hood.

  • Julie de Bona as Mother Agnès

Mother Agnès is a nun of St. Paulin church that later on was transformed into a war hospital to help wounded soldiers during the war.

Julie De Bona is known in movies Plan B, A Wonderful Family, and Days of Glory.

  • Sofia Essaïdi as Caroline Dewitt

Sofia Essaidi plays Caroline in Woman at War who becomes the person in charge of Dewitt Factory after her husband Victor is called up to participate in the France and Germany war.

Sofia Essaïdi is known for appearing in the series The Promise and Kepler(s) and also in the films Overdose and Nostalgia.

Some of the cast in the Netflix series:

  • Sandrine Bonnaire as Éléonore Dewitt

  • Jérémy Wulc as Lieutenant Passembec

  • Lilea Le Borgne as Solange 

  • Marie Mallia asSoeur Geneviève

Directed by Alexandre Laurent and produced by Iris Bucher together with their screenwriter Cécile Lorne and Camille Trainer.

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