''Winter Is Coming'' Phrase Never Got This Scary! 10 Winter-Dwelling Creatures from Folklore


Throughout history, several mythical creatures and monsters have scared generations of people who were getting into the Christmas spirit. Winter brings not only cheer and happiness but fright and terror to those who still believe in ancient myths of ice monsters and wicked snow creatures. Here are 10 of them:

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10. Yuki-onna

With long, dark hair and skin so pale that it appears transparent, she is a beautiful woman at first sight. Many say that she does not even have feet as she glides around during harsh snowstorms and blizzards. She appears to travelers who are lost or stranded in bad weather and kills them with her frigid breath, leaving behind nothing but frost-coated corpses.The Yuki-onna is said to be an evil being taking the form of a beautiful woman.

9. Chenoo

Chenoos also take a humanlike form, and yet they are much more frightening. Of course, this may be because they are human-eating giants. Maybe the most terrifying thing is that they were once mere humans, which essentially makes them really tall, overweight cannibals with a lack of proper hygiene. Almost every Chenoo was once just a man-eating human. Due to this crime, it is said that the heart turns to pure ice, triggering the change from human to monster.

8. Ijiraq

They can appear as any sentient being they desire, making their tactic similar to guerrilla warfare. It is said that they live in a world between the living and dead. This world cannot be reached by mortals.

If a human were to be near their home, the human is suddenly confused and gets turned around, ensuring their evil stomping grounds are never discovered. However, these beasts can take children with them and then feast on the kids with their shape-shifting friends.

Ijiraqs lure children far away from their villages where these monsters will abandon, hide, or eat the children.

7. Nuckelavee

This creature is the centaur from your worst nightmares. A crude depiction of a creature similar to a centaur yet much more sinister is what people typically believe that a nuckelavee looks like. They have two heads with one giant red eye that resembles flames.

The most disturbing fact about Nuckelavee is that they have no skin and you can see their black blood through their twisted veins.

6. Mahaha

As even the name resembles an evil laugh, The Mahaha is always smiling and giggling as it thoroughly enjoys the torture of its victims and becomes giddy upon having a new one. This monster has inhumanly long fingernails that resemble knives. With these nails, the Mahaha “tickles” its victims to death. This tickling is merely shredding the victim bit by bit.

5. Pal-Rai-Yuk

This sea creature has a snakelike head that protrudes from the water almost 3 meters (10 ft). Although its upper body resembles a snake, it is said to have thick fur, six legs, three dorsal fins, and two heads. Each head has a long, slimy tongue ready to eat up.

To call the pal-rai-yuk, one must tap on the bottom of a wooden pier. If you’re feeling a little crazy, you can even summon it via the bottom of a wooden kayak. While this monster stays in the water throughout most of the year, it is able to “swim through the earth” with the aid of snow during the winter months.

4. Kogukhpak

Over 40,000 years ago, it was believed that mammoth carcasses were actually the corpses of these subterranean monsters. These massive creatures were said to have large tusks like a mammoth. Yet, they had bulbous bodies and legs like frogs. As the Sun was the only thing that could kill them, they lived underground for most of the year. The winter solstice is the only time that they can emerge from the earth to hunt and ignite the fear of the locals.

3. Qiqirn

Isn't it cute and looks like a puppy? It is not cute! Qiqirn is a typical hellhound known as large, evil, spirit dog and it can be very easily distinguished from a regular dog. These spirit dogs approach travelers during the winter months when they are alone at night in unknown lands. When the beasts get close enough to the traveler, he will suffer endless fits until liberated from the pain by death.

2. Wendigo

Wendigos have an ash-gray skin tone with inhumanly sullen eyes. Their lips are said to be dried out and always covered in blood. While they have a humanlike torso, they have unnaturally long limbs with razor-sharp claws at each end. Their heads are a human-wolf hybrid with horns above the forehead.

Known as “the spirits of lonely places,” wendigos lure lone victims away from others with an imitation of a human voice. The creatures offer warmth and shelter. Once a human is successfully trapped, the wendigos continue to feast on the victim’s flesh. It is said that the putrid smell of their breath reeks of death and decay.

1. Kallikantzaroi

This creature belongs to Greek mythology and they are just too good at being evil. These tiny, gnomelike creatures spend their lives working from home, which just happens to be the center of the Earth. They spend the year hacking down the tree of life, which holds up the Earth, in an attempt to end mankind.

Which one of this creatures creeped the hell out of you the most? Share with us.

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