Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart’s Comic Film 'Get Hard' (2015) Launches on HBO Max

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You might try to deny it, but Will Ferrell is a comedy king! Right after Jim Carrey, of course. Couple his goofiness with Kevin Hart's lewdness and you get the masterpiece Get Hard.

Seven years down the line, Get Hard is still as funny as ever! Dwight Brown, a top critic from National Newspaper Publishers Association couldn’t agree more, citing, “Hart and Ferrell make this movie raunchy, silly, hysterical and fun.”

If you missed out on the film’s rib-cracking moments or just wanna remind yourself, Get Hard is now available on HBO Max. .

What is 'Get Hard' About?

An insanely rich hedge fund manager James (Will Ferrell) thinks he has his life in order, having made a million-dollar business deal and planning to marry his fiancé Alissa (Alison Brie). Darnell (Kevin Hart) is the head of the car wash guys at James’ firm and is looking for funds to start his own car wash. 

Being worlds apart, fate decreed that the two would need each other when James turns to Darnell for help after being convicted of fraud and sentenced to 10 years harsh penalty at a maximum-security prison. 

The two form an unlikely bond and a 'Mayo and Chocolat' team as James calls it. In the end, the duo uncovers the truth of James' case, discovering that he was framed by his fiancé's father and head of his firm Martin (Craig T. Nelson). Darnell got his wish of opening a car wash when James became his business partner.


Other cast members included in the comedy film are Edwina Findley as Rita Lewis, Darnell's wife, Ariana Neal as Makayla Lewis, Darnell and Rita's daughter, T.I. as Russell, Darnell's gangster cousin, Dominique Perry as Shonda, James' new love interest, Erick Chavaria as Cecelio, James' gardener, Katia Gomez as James' maid, Jon Lyes as Big Mike, Nito Larioza as Leo, and Ron Funches as Jojo.

'Get Hard' Theatrical Success

Get Hard was a huge success in its debut weekend, grossing $33.8 million, falling in second at the box office behind Home, which grossed $52.1 million. 

Start your week on a high note with this hard to resist comic film!

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