Which Hindu God/Goddess Are You?!


Are you ready to find out who your inner Indian God/Goddess is?

1. What does India mean to you?

Music Videos
Colorful Clothing
Ganj River
Sacred Cow
Spicy Food
Bollywood Movies

2. There is a light inside of you. What is this?

3. Pick a pattern.

4. Which one describes life in India the best?

5. Which one of these wonders of mother nature is closer to your soul?

6. Pick an animal!

7. What is the secret of life?

8. Pick a temple!!!

9. What is the most definitive feature of your best friend?

10. Who evokes the most positive feelings in you?

You are Varuna!

Varuna is the Hindu god of water and the celestial ocean. Like Varuna, you want to show yourself to the world. You live your life to the fullest and you want to discover the world. You're always after being reborn. This gives you courage and provides you trust. It's not a surprise that people have a lot to learn from you. Your energy inspires others to move forward.

You are Vishnu!

Vishnu is believed to control the births and rebirths over the earth. Like Vishnu, you enjoy planning each and every detail of your actions. This is the reason you don't rush things. You would like to be respected for things you've done. That's why you act like a perfectionist from time to time. You are a righteous person, that is the reason why you tend to play the role of a negotiator in your relationship.

You are Krishna!

According to Hindu tradition, Krishna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu. It is accepted as a transfiguration of Vishnu. Like Krishna, your duty is to reinforce other people's emotions and make them more permanent. You enjoy having things under your control. This might make you possessive and envious at times. It's almost impossible to change your mind because you are really stubborn. You are strongly connected to your loved ones. It's really hard not to be inspired by your charm.

You are Shiva!

Shiva is regarded as the god of destruction, rebirth and change. It is also the symbol for dance. Are you friendly, harmonious and unpredictable? We think you are. You don'r enjoy stability, which is why you are always after adventures. Although you are a balanced person, some situations can make you lose your temper. You avoid being extreme at all costs. You don't mix your emotions with your logic. However, if you are in love, you put it above anything else in your life.

You are Brahma!

In the Hindu language, Brahma means the "first created" and "the creator of everything." Brahma is accepted as the creator of the earth in the Hindu tradition. Similar to Brahma, you have a fascinating energy. You are known as a sturdy calm being. Those who are close to you know that, and don't doubt your actions. Your kindhearted behavior is natural. This is the reason why people love spending time with you! Your ability to solve problems is like no other!

You are Lakshmi!

Lakshmi is the god of wealth, good luck and beauty! You are always grounded, and this is your defining feature. You keep your calm even when you have to make big decisions that are going to change your life. People might confuse you with being remote, but this is not the reality. You are a careful and logical being. You love taking care of your friends and family. You tend to realize what is real and what is not. Some people don't enjoy this, as you are always ready to tell the truth. You might have flaws, like everyone, however your character is inspiringly strong.

You are Durga!

Durga is the goddess of victory and good over evil. This form of the goddess is the embodiment of female and creative energy. You are a person who is dictated by their emotions rather than logic. In order for you to be successful, you need to be emotionally connected to that subject. You have hard time keeping your interest when there are no emotions included. You have a fixed mind and it is hard for you accept your flaws. Everything is either white or black for you. You have no room for grey areas in your life.

You are Saraswati!

Saraswati is the god of wisdom, music, art and learning! If we are to summarize your personality in one single word, it would be "mystery." You have extreme opposites. Love and pain, good and bad, melancholy and joy... All of these polar opposite are inside of you. Your most defining feature is your high self-esteem and self-love. You can do everything to keep this self-respect. You tend to ignore problems unless they significantly affect your life. You're willing to sacrifice everything if your loved ones are in trouble.

You are Ganesha!

In the Hindu tradition, Ganesha is believed to be the god of wealth, prosperity and luck. It is believed that Ganesha helps the removal of obstacles. You are significantly passionate about life and living. The best word that describes you is "desire." You can complete anything that you've started. You usually tend to listen to your mind rather than your heart, as you know that your emotions might lead you astray. You are stubborn when it comes to following your own ideas. You avoid being in the spotlight and your intuitions are very strong. You know how to enjoy the good things in life.

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