Which Dancing Style Reflects Your Personality?


Dancing is great in every aspect. You can't take your eyes away from someone who dances really well. Whether it's traditional or modern, it has a magical side. In this test, we'll try to guess which dancing style best suits your personality. Alright, let's begin.

1. When you're at a club with your friends, you;

Throw myself at the dance floor
Do some moves on my own
Take a sip of my cocktail
Look for a good dance partner
Head back home early and sleep

2. And if you were at a costume party, you;

Go with the most original costume
Dress accordingly with my partner
Take the best costume award
Wear something comfortable
Wear something simple

3. What do you do when nobody's home?

Clean all around the house
Watch a movie
Of course give a party
I get scared
Dance freely

4. How flexible are you?

I had a cramp when you asked the question
Flexible enough
Being flexible isn't that important
Well, so so..
How much do you need?

5. With which one of these do your feet feel the most comfortable?

High heels
Naked feet

6. With only one word, you are;


7. If you were to drink something right now, which one would you choose?

Energy drink
Pomegranate juice

8. Now choose a color

One of the 50 shades of grey

9. And your hair is generally

Strong bun
Short and neat
Comfortable and frest
Clean and cool

10. Last question: If you could be born again, which nationality would you choose?




People may find you very disciplined mostly and sometimes may not be able to make sense of your sudden joy and energy. That's what ballet is! You don't allow people to predict what you're capable of doing under your delicate and elegant look. But it's so obvious. Ballet is the best dance that'll go with your noble soul because you're an artist!



If there wasn't suffering, how would be able to feel love, right? You know what impossible love and the distances that separate lovers from each other are. You always make other people aware of your presence. Even if you're suffering a lot because of your love, you never back down. You always look forward and figure out everything in your head. Bachata is that kind of dance; a great representation of pangs of love. It's just for you!



People may have told you that you're ''straight to the point'' or even ''tough,'' but that's nonsense. You just have your own rules and if you can't interfere with the things that are happening around you, you have a good reason to get angry, right? That's why you always look down on people who don't understand you. You have desires. You have principles and you want respect. Tango is the dance for you; the steps are certain, the music is sharp, it's full of desires and straight to the point. It's like a dance where nothing can go wrong.

Break dance!


This dance isn't just your dance, it's also your attitude. It fits your reckless behaviors perfectly. You don't like talking about yourself a lot but you're just the tip of the iceberg. If your cool attitudes are why people think you're reckless, then let it be! You know who is a friend and who is an enemy. You don't bow to anyone for positive or negative criticism. What's important is what you have inside. The dance where you can let your soul go free is the break dance!

Modern Dance!


You're a comfortable person. You don't let small things bug you. And that's great. Your general attitude towards life is relax and you know you'll somehow take care of it. You know everything gets taken care of somehow. Rules are not for you because they're not good enough. You know you can always do better and feel the power to do it inside. Modern Dance is your dance because you have a character that can't be tamed and you have a strong and free soul!

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