Where To Catch The Sandfish in Stardew Valley

Where To Catch The Sandfish in Stardew Valley

Ramses Miaco
October 22 2022 - 01:17pm

There are tons of fish in Stardew Valley, most of which are tricky to find. Still, some species are used to complete recipes and bundles, which are essential in the game. Follow this guide to catch this shifty fish!

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Where Is The Sandfish In Stardew Valley?

Unfortunately, unlike other species in the game, the Sandfish is only available in one location: Calico Desert. Upon arriving in the desert, players should head north until they find a small pond below the Skull Cavern. However, time is of the essence when catching this fish since it can only be caught between 6 am and 8 pm.

The Uses of Sandfish

The Sandfish is not hard to catch by any means, which is why players will have no problem being comfortable with how it reacts when reeled. Players who have collected numerous Sandfish can use them for different things. Here are all the possible ways of using it:

  • Selling it: The Sandfish is worth a decent amount of gold so players can sell it if they find no use for it anymore.

  • Crafting food: Maki Rolls, Fertilizer, and Sashimi are all possible recipes where the Sandfish can be used.

  • Gifting: Players can use this fish to gift it to their friends in Stardew Valley

  • Completing the Community Center: Probably the most important use for the Sandfish, completing the Community Center is one of the primary goals of the game

  • Tailoring: Anyone can use this fish to create a dyeable Fish Shirt

  • Putting it into a Fish Pond: An alternative way of generating resources, a Sandfish in a fish pond will produce Roe or Cactus Seeds.

  • Completing quests: Some missions in Stardew Valley require a Sandfish, so catching one might become helpful in the long run!

How To Get To Calico Desert

New players might wonder how to get to Calico Desert since it is probably still locked in the early parts of the game. Players may unlock the bus by purchasing it through the Community Center or Joja Community Development Farm. After that, players can now purchase a ticket to Calico Desert, worth 500g, and travel using the bus.

Now that you know everything about the elusive fish get to work and catch the Sandfish in Stardew Valley! Remember, it has many uses, but it might not be available in the early parts of the game. Progress carefully, and be mindful of what you need!

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