What Would Your Name Be If You Were Italian?


The leaning tower of Pisa, pizza, fashion; I mean Italians have shaped our lives in every aspect. It's no wonder everybody thinks they're awesome. But have you ever thought what your name would be if you'd been born in Italy? Well, this test gives you an answer to that question!

Let's learn your gender first!

I don't care about biological sex

Which word has no relation to you whatsoever?

Which one would you like to teleport to?

To the countryside to watch the sunset
To a desert island
To a wooden hut at the tip of a mountain
To a small planet
To a shopping mall

Which city would you live in if you were Italian?


You can't talk about Italy without the food: Choose an Italian food!


Time for free association: You don't have to know the meaning, just choose an Italian word that sounds nice!

Now choose a legendary Italian singer!

Ave Maria
Brucia La Terra (The Godfather)
l'asciatemi Cantare
We No Speak Americano
Mambo Italiano

Now to the final question. Let's say you're at a job interview, why should they hire you?

Because I'm hardworking
Because I'm the best at what I do
If they won't hire me, who would they hire?!
Because I have a wider perspective
Because my senses are really open
Because I'm really talented
Because I always keep my promises
Because I'm really ambitious
Because I have great relationship with people

It's ''Romeo''

Your Italian name must be Romeo. Though the meaning of it means ''from Rome,'' as everyone knows, the name Romeo symbolizes love and it goes well with your character. Yes, you're a noble, romantic, deliberate person and you love the concept of love instead of falling in love with someone. You make the person you fall in love with really happy and they can't find happiness after you!

It's "Ignacio"

Your Italian name must be Ignacio. Ignacio means fiery, tough, enthusiastic and it goes well with you 100%. The last word that suits you would be ''half'' because you never leave anything right in the middle. If you take up a job, you make sure you go to the end for it. You're fiery, ambitious and you have great dreams!

It''s "Giancarlo"

Your Italian name must be Giancarlo. Giancarlo means the gift of god and brave and courageous man. This fits your character perfectly. You're the type of a friend that's going extinct. You manage to stay loyal and true when everybody's doing things behind other peoples' backs. You're like iron, you don't change your shape according to the circumstances. The promises you make are like the first rule of the constitution; they can neither be changed nor even be asked to change.

It's "Fabrizio"

Your Italian name must be Fabrizio. Fabrizio means artist and talented, and I don't know if I have to say it but you are talented! You can do anything and everything you do looks nice in your hands. Of course this has a lot to do with the fact that you were born talented, but your ingenuity makes you more talented. Let's say something more critical. Because you're talented, people trust you a lot. When they're with you, they feel like they're next to their fathers.

It's "Maximiliano"

Your Italian name must be Maximiliano. Maximiliano means the best, the highest and when we consider what you've achieved so far in life, it fits your character perfectly. You're a successful person, no doubt about that, but your success has got nothing to do with luck or your father's success. You haven't inherited anything! Whatever you've succeeded, you did it on your own. There's this one thing that'll explain why you got this name: You always aim for the highest. The positions which most people can't even dream of having is always a failure for you. Keep up your attitude!

It's "Beatrice"

Your Italian name must be Beatrice. Beatrice means traveler, tourist and it fits you 100%. You travel a lot and can't stay in your place even for a second. Your friends gossip about you and say ''where is she again?'' You like exploring and the best way to do it is to travel. Have fun!

It's "Cassandra"

Your Italian name must be Cassandra. Cassandra means the one who rises upon people like light. You're really modest and most probably won't accept the meaning of this name, but we're obliged to tell the truth. You were born different; you can feel this deep down inside. But like we said, you're modest and besides this, you're enlightened. You've enlightened yourself and you want to enlighten others. We could have written more, but we're blinded by your light = )

It's "Francesca"

Your Italian name must be Francesca. Francesca means woman who come from France and it fits your interesting aura perfectly. Well, I have to say that you're really arrogant. You see yourself as superior to others. I have to admit this arrogance fits you well and builds up your character. You have really high self esteem. You're what we'd call a ''free woman.'' You're a cool feminist Italian woman who come from France =)

It's "Regina"

Your Italian name must be Regina. Regina means queen and it fits your character perfectly. I have to say that if there's such a thing as reincarnation, you would definitely be a queen. You're elite, noble, aristocratic and definitely a leader. You affect people easily. In a nutshell, you're fire and other people are luna moths that flutter around you. Reign on us our queen!

It's "Aria"

Your Italian name must be Aria. Aria has three meanings. 1. Air: this symbolises your natural, naive and clean personality. 2. Female Lion: this reflects your challenging strong side. In other words, just because you're naive doesn't mean you're ok with everything. It's a bad idea to make you angry. 3. A Piece of Opera: this reflects how deep and melancholic you are. You look great when you smile but the melancholy you have makes you attractive and mysterious.

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