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Naming your first child could be the foremost daunting task for new parents, particularly nowadays when the awareness for gender-fluid parenting is at an all-time high. 

To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of 30 gender-neutral names to choose from.

Take inspiration from Hollywood

One of the most vocal professions in the realm of gender neutrality are the stars from tinseltown. Here are a few names of celebs who refuse to be boxed into gender stereotypes.

  • Demi (as in Demi Moore or Demi Lovato)

According to The Bump , Demi means half or small in French. As a bonus, Demi Lovato has also come out as a pan sexual.

  • Sam (as in Sam Smith) 

Babycentre defines this as the shorter version of either Samuel or Samantha and it means God is heard. Singer Sam Smith has also come out as non-binary.

  • Olly (as in Olly Alexander)

Olly can be a boy or girl name as it can be short for Olivia, or Oliver. It means peace maker as Olive branches are traditionally regarded to symbolize making amends. Olly Alexander has also identified as non-binary.

  • Drew (as in Drew Barrymore or Drew Carey) 

Depending on which language you refer to, Drew can mean wise in Welsh, or courageous in Greek.  The E.T. star Drew Barrymore meanwhile has always identified as bisexual and was even quoted as saying that she “loves a woman’s body.”

  • Taylor (as in Taylor Swift or Taylor Lautner) 

A variation from the word Tailor, it’s no wonder that  this means one who cuts cloth. While neither Taylor Swift or Taylor Launter have come out as anything other than straight, their name can still be used whichever gender your child chooses. Fun fact: Taylor Launter is engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Taylor Dome.

  • Dylan (as in Dylan Minnette or Dylan Gelula)

Both Dylans on the list also identify as straight but it does have a very romantic meaning as it is Welsh for “from the sea”.

Go Geographical

Go Geographical

There are many names from various places that can be used for either sexes. Make sure to choose one that means something to you and your hubby!

Here are some examples:

  • Berlin- The capital city of Germany

  • Cody- A city in Wyoming 

  • Idaho- A northwestern US State

  • Jordan- An Arabian country in southwestern Asia

  • Kentucky- A southeastern US State

Play the numbers game

Play the numbers game

Numbers they say are the most objective of all words but aside from the common names from Roman Numerals of Zero, Seven, or even Eleven from Stranger Things, you can also look at other number words. For example Quinn, another popular binary name means “the fifth.”

Take inspiration from the Color Wheel

Take inspiration from the Color Wheel

Choosing a non-binary name can be easy if you just look at your favorite colors. Here are our top five picks:

  • Ash: This can be short for both Ashley and Ashton, and is a color described as slightly gray

  • Azure: A shade of blue

  • Alani: The Hawaian word for Orange 

  • Blue/Bleu/Blu: One of the primary colors, and something you can make unique through different spelling variations 

  • Coco: A darkish brown color, or the same color as chocolate

Get creative with nature

Get creative with nature

Nature is the perfect inspiration, and you can even name your baby for the season they came into the world. Name your child Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, and it will definitely fit whichever pronoun they decide to use. You can also use the common elements of Earth, Sun, Wind, and even Moon.