What Are You Doing In The Parallel Universe Now?


We're all curious about what life will be after death or if we somehow lived in the past and were reincarnated. But what about the parallel universes? This test will give answer to that question. We'll tell you what ''you'' in the parallel universe is doing.

1. Which option is closest to your dream?

2. Which image grabs your attention the most?

3. You see a large group beating up one person, how would you react?

I'll try to understand what's going on and act accordingly
I'll try to get somebody else to jump in
I'll talk to other people as well and jump in
I would try to calm everyone down while keeping my distance
I'll jump in right away
I won't interfere. It's none of my business
I'll call the police right away
I'll watch, complain, and leave
I'll jump in and try to stop them

4. Choose a war painting

5. If you could choose your sign, which one would you choose?


6. Which word best describes your lifestyle?

7. Which color are you?

8. Choose a sci-fi movie

9. How do you say your farewell to your friends?

I'm off
Later Yo
See you later
Take Care of Yourself
Bye Bye
Good Evening
Look after yourself
I'm outta here

10. Finally, how do you react when you're really surprised?

You set up your business there!

You in the parallel universe is a successful businessman/woman who set up your own business. You work a lot, don't have personal life, maybe don't even have a family. But you're content with your life because working is there more and more.

You are a scientist who tries to help humanity there!

You're a scientist in the parallel universe. You're working day and night to help humanity and improve society. How great it is that you're doing this job from the bottom of your heart.

You're an artist who has a hard time creating things there!

You're an artist in the parallel universe and have a hard time finding good creations. You're maybe a painter, sculptor, dancer or a composer. You're the type of person who wants to make a better world for the people and aren't afraid to face problems doing so.

You're a fighter who is struggling for nature there!

You know the importance of this world in the parallel universe. You're a fighter who doesn't stand and watch people destroy it and instead takes actions to prevent it.

You're an ordinary person who just goes to work and comes back home there!

You're an ordinary person who settled down, has a decent job and doesn't have a social life in the parallel universe. It doesn't mean you're a loser, it just means you haven't just yet been able to get out of the routine.

You're a writer there!

You're a writer who creates and destroys a new world in your head all the time in the parallel universe. You're waiting for the right time to write all the characters, and all the dreams and stories on your mind.

You're an anarchist there!

You don't get along well with rules in the parallel universe. Sometimes you go out in the street and fight and sometimes you talk people into doing things your way. You complain how the rules restrict people and are dying for a free and infinite world.

You're an inventor who is always after new things there

You're an inventor in the parallel universe. You believe there are many things that haven't been found yet and wish to at least find some of them. You work really hard for this and you want to leave something behind you for the generations to come.

You're an adventurer who wishes to see new places and new people there!

You're a firm adventurer who wishes to travel every inch of the world in the parallel universe. You carry your home in your backpack. Your biggest passion is to meet new people, find out about their culture, and find new places.

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