Top Ten Songs of 2022 (So Far)

Top Ten Songs of 2022 (So Far)

Cory Cogley
April 04 2022 - 05:36am

It's hard to keep up with an onslaught of new music, but some new music is essential to check out. While the albums that contain the following songs are all recommended listens, here are the songs that are required listening if you don't have the time at the moment. From ten artists of different genres, here are the ten best songs of the year so far!

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1. Rosalía (feat. The Weeknd) - “La Fama”

The Weeknd has dominated 2022 with the feature on FKA Twigs' 'Tears in the Club' and his album Dawn FM. 'La Fama' was one of the catchiest songs on Rosalía's new album, instantly capturing the blend of Latin music and modern pop that defines the record.

2. Hurray For The Riff Raff - “Rhododendron”

Alynda Segarra's self-described 'folk-punk' comes across the clearest here, with declamatory, atonal vocals somehow fitting over rousing acoustic instruments.

3. Ghost - “Call Me Little Sunshine”

After some surprisingly upbeat major-key songs from this Satan-minded rock group, 'Call Me Little Sunshine' digs straight into this Swedish band's heavy metal best. Even so, the pounding midtempo still retains the anthemic layered vocals that characterize the 80s love from the new album.

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4. Black Country, New Road - “Concorde”

The slow build of this art-rock indie group's moving single 'Concorde' shows off the patient compositional brilliance that Black Country, New Road employ through their well-received new album.

5. Ibibio Sound Machine - “All That You Want”

Using the perfect blend of classic funky elements with a synth-heavy dance beat, the Afrofuturist Londoners accomplished the rare feat of making a song as catchy as it is original.

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6. Tears For Fears - “No Small Thing”

The opener of the long-awaited new album from the pop/rock duo Tears For Fears sets the tone perfectly, picking things up right where they left off decades ago.

7. Cate Le Bon - “Moderation”

'Moderation' shows the peak form of Cate Le Bon's new album, in which she combines an affection for 80s pop with her unique voice and style.

8. Beach House - “Superstar”

'Superstar' is an instant highlight of the front-loaded first quarter of Once Twice Melody, standing out thanks to its gradual dynamic build and engrossing lyrics.

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9. Spoon - “The Hardest Cut”

The crunchy groove and vocals on 'The Hardest Cut' already strike the listener as a return to rock goodness for Spoon, and then that exciting accentuated stab of electric guitar seals the song's reputation as a banger.

10 . FKA Twigs (feat. The Weeknd) - "Tears in the Club"

Of course, the other The Weeknd feature had to appear on the list! This song finds avant-pop songstress FKA Twigs in a particularly pop-oriented mindset, and with The Weeknd's sad-pop inflection, the title perfectly describes the song's mood.

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