Top 10 New Horror Movies Right Now

> Top 10 New Horror Movies Right Now

If you need a new horror movie to watch, you can head to the theater or stream these recent popular features from the last year. #1 on the list is a great new film only currently available in theaters.

'The Black Phone'

The newest release on the list features Ethan Hawke as a serial kidnapper in late-1970s North Denver, based on a short story by Joe Hill. The Black Phone also features excellent leading roles from two relatively unknown child actors, Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw.

Available: Only in Theaters


Perhaps because of people seeking out a follow-up to Stranger Things, the Joe Keery-led 2020 thriller Spree re-appeared on everyone's feed. Be forewarned that Spree does not feature Keery as the loveable character he plays on the hit Netflix show, but instead the most grating, ego-obsessed influencer you have ever seen.

Available: on Hulu

'Crimes of the Future'

Acclaimed director David Cronenberg returns to body horror with a dystopian future where the sensation of pain has almost entirely disappeared, and those seeking thrills or showcasing their artistic sentiments (like characters played by Viggo Mortensen and Léa Seydoux) perform surgeries on themselves or their companions.

Available: on VOD rental

'Mad God'

After 30 years of work, visual effects mastermind Phil Tippett completed his Kickstarter-funded self-produced stop-motion full-length horror masterpiece. Perhaps the greatest animated horror film of all time, this is one of the most disturbing films in recent memory.

Available: on Shudder


A24, a film distribution company founded in 2012, has become known for their exceptional modern films, and X is a great addition to that list. A24 also co-produced this tale of terror set in late-1970s when a young aspiring pornographic actress runs into trouble with an elderly woman on her Texas farm.

Available: on VOD rental


A lonely American woman living in Bucharest starts to suspect a neighbor in the apartment complex across the street is obsessively watching stalking her.

Available: on VOD rental

'Last Night in Soho'

The new stylish horror film from Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Baby Driver) follows a poor girl who moves into London for fashion school, getting wrapped up her nostalgia for the 1960s while the life of an aspiring singer from that decade seems to tether her to that era.

Available: on VOD rental


Another 2022 A24 horror movie, Men follows a woman played by Jessie Buckley who takes an English countryside vacation after the death of her husband. Rory Kinnear also stars as the men of the surrounding area.

Available: soon on VOD rental


This nasty and sensationally gripping Hulu horror feature made waves when it came out in early March, but this tale of dating going from right to very, very wrong is still getting lots of views and online comments.

Available: on Hulu


The old-est movie on the list was recently added to HBO Max, so if you haven't seen it and the idea of seeing life and aging sped up by divisive director M. Night Shyamalan sounds good to you, you can watch it any time!

Available: on HBO Max

Happy summer horror binge!