The World Is Beautiful!! Travel The World With 20 Impressive Photos


Stuck in the office, daydreaming about your next holiday? These beautiful photos around the world will help you get through the day and bring out the wanderlust in you!

1. Westerdok District, Amsterdam

2. Holiday village near Arkhangelsk, Russia

3. Dog sledding in Greenland

4. Tractor among almond fields, California

5. Annual base jumping contest in Norway

6. Windmills and highways in the Netherlands

7. Yunnan, China

8. A helicopter near Yosemite waterfall, USA

9. Colorado, USA

10. A Statue of Christ covered with corals at the bottom of the Atlantic near Key Largo island, USA

11. Moravian fields, Czech Republic

12. A colorful beach in Italy

13. Amitabha Buddha Day, Vietnam

14. Glacier Lake in Banff National Park, Canada

15. A temple covered in ash from the Ontake volcanic eruption, Japan

16. The sea-like dunes of the Namib Desert

17. Near Arctic Pole

18. Volcanic erruption in Iceland

19. A ghost town, San Francisco, USA

20. Tiny ants surrounding a drop of honey, Malaysia

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