"The Sexiest Nurse On Earth": Meet The Instagram Phenomenon Kai!


We are back with another Instagram phenomenon. This time there is a breathtaking nurse with us; not just an ordinary nurse, a nurse with more than 100k followers.

This sexy lady's name is Kai and she lives in New York. She studies at New York University and works as a nurse part-time. 

Thanks to the internet, we have someone new to follow on Instagram.

Source: http://elitedaily.com/envision/hot-insta...

Meet Kai! One of the Instagram girls of these days from New York.

You will know why when you check out her account.

She is known as ''the sexiest nurse'' online!

Besides being a nurse, she is studying at New York University.

One Instagram post can take your breath away.

Each of Kai's posts receives more than 4000 likes.

Once again, she is a nurse.

This beautiful lady managed to gain more than 110,000 followers of her posts.

She doesn't have any free time; saving lives, studying, exercising, etc.

What makes her really attractive is her motivation.

She deserves to be the sexiest.

You can check more of Kai's amazing shots on her Instagram

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