“The Joe Rogan Experience” Podcast Episodes Ranked from Best to Worst

“The Joe Rogan Experience” Podcast Episodes Ranked from Best to Worst

April 17 2022 - 07:41pm

Podcasting has been a long time alternative to the usual vlogging on YouTube since it gives hosts more freedom in choosing their topics and guests. It also lessens the pressure on them to make everything appealing to the viewers eyes since podcasts mainly need to sound good.

Now if you’re from the western part of the world, it’s possible that there’s one person that automatically comes to mind when talking about podcasts— Joe Rogan, the former UFC commentator.

Joe Rogan has been producing podcasts since December 2009 and has already released 1,793 episodes as of March 2022. With the multitude of episodes in his podcast, surely there are some notable ones, both good and bad. Let us take a look at some of the best and worst The Joe Rogan Experience episodes.

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5 Best “The Joe Rogan Experience” Episodes

5. Neil deGrasse Tyson – #919

Tyson has a lot of labels under his name but he is most famous for being an astrophysicist and author. In this episode, the two talk about Tyson’s fascination for science in general and the concept of infinity.

4. Lance Armstrong – #737

In this episode, Armstrong, the Tour de France winner for seven times, talks about his accomplishments in athletics and reveals his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

3. Edward Snowden – #1368

Edward Snowden is infamous for leaking classified information from the NSA. He also discusses the government's plans (or current actions) on mass surveillance.

2. Bernie Sanders – #1330

This episode was during the time of Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Even when Sanders lost, the episode shed light on very controversial political issues.

1. Elon Musk – #1169

This is Rogan’s top-rated episode since Elon Musk is just the obviously well-known CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. In the episode, the two talk about the companies’ current ventures and future plans. Another bonus was Musk smoking weed, of course.

5 Worst “The Joe Rogan Experience” Episodes

5. Wiz Khalifa #1306

The two have a lot in common but the podcast didn’t go as smoothly as a podcast should go. It was evident that only Rogan was doing his part when it came to maintaining a conversation. Still, we could give Khalifa the benefit of the doubt especially if he’s used to just answering questions like in a normal interview.

4. Joey Diaz & Tom Segura #1000

The hate for this episode mainly came from the fans’ expectations that Rogan would bring a high-profile guest for a very special one thousandth episode. But to their dismay, he just had an episode with some of his oldest and closest friends in the industry.

3. Jack Dorsey #1236

People commented as to why Rogan did not grill Dorsey enough for the censorship of tweets on Dorsey’s social media platform, Twitter.

2.  Mel Gibson & Dr. Neil Riordan #1066

The annoyance from this episode came from Gibson’s constant pen clicking— something that Rogan noticed but was too polite to ask his guest to stop. Aside from this, Riordan and Rogan mainly talked in the episode while Gibson chimed in every now and then— something which fans thought was just a waste of time since the geniuses’ expertise were not fully discussed.

1. Tom Delonge #1029

Former Blink 182 guitarist Tom Delonge was the guest in an episode in 2017. We know that Rogan does his best in making sure that the conversation keeps on flowing, but he found it particularly difficult with Delonge. Delonge was apparently a conspiracy theorist who kept talking about UFOs.

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With more than a decade of podcasting, it’s no surprise that Rogan already has a lot of great and controversial episodes. Did your best and worst picks from his podcast make the lists?

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