The Great New Rap Tracks of February 2022

> The Great New Rap Tracks of February 2022

Are you craving a fix for the recent best songs in hip-hop? Though two new songs from Nicki Minaj have graced the charts, look no further for the other essentials of this month. For better or worse, these are the songs blowing up right now!

Future - “Worst Day”

Future, the original melodic trap-rap giant, has built an immense legacy beginning around 2010 and released massive best-selling singles including “Jumpman,” “Low Life,” “Mask Off,” and “Life is Good.” His newest track, “Worst Day,” falls right in line with his other hits, not revolutionizing his trademark style but enjoyably irreverent in his skewering of Valentine’s Day. For a holiday-themed banger, you could do worse than Future’s new track, boasting humorous lyrics delivered with a playful fashion.

Pusha T - “Diet Coke”

As the best of the old-school hardcore rap renaissance, the classic production and drug-based lyrical obsessions of Pusha T have never lost their gritty appeal since his first studio album debuted in 2013. Three gripping records of focused hip-hop swagger later and his cocky, nonconformist wisdom endures; Pusha T is not an artist to miss, and “Diet Coke” sets off the lead-up to record #4 with catchiness and braggadocio.

Vince Staples & Mustard - "MAGIC"

A surprise drop from Vince Staples! Following a 2021 self-titled release, Vince Staples is already back with a new album announcement. Releasing April 2022 is Ramona Park Broke My Heart, the fifth record from the celebrated Compton rapper. Like his other recent songs, 'MAGIC' is a bit more subdued than his early music but with a strong beat and nostalgic production from DJ Mustard.

Kodak Black - “Grinding All Season”

Despite serious, highly-publicized controversies and legal issues, including serving part of a federal prison sentence commuted by Donald Trump, Kodak Black remains as popular as ever. Inexplicably, this rapper was allegedly involved in a shooting outside of a Justin Bieber concert afterparty last weekend on February 12th, but that has absolutely nothing to do with Kodak Black’s new singles. Enjoy his most recent track below!

New Album Announcements!

Though each of these songs will supposedly contribute to an upcoming record, only Kodak Black's new studio album has been formally reported. Back for Everything, the fourth official full-length LP from Kodak Black, will be released on streaming and digital download on February 25th, 2022. Pusha T has an unofficial release date for his 2022 album, entitled It's Not Dry Yet, and there is no word on the concrete details for a new Future album. These new records will be available on all major streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.