The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Trailer Has Finally Dropped And Here Are All Details!


HBO finally release the trailer and here are the biggest questions and takeaways!


In case you haven't seen the trailer yet, here you can see:

In the opening, Arya seems like running from someone/something.

You know that Arya is great at setting traps to catch her enemies and probably she's setting a trap here.

A note that she's carrying a dragonglass blade/spearhead.

Arya's trap could be the start of the inevitable siege of Winterfell by the White Walkers!

Here we see Davos, pacing the battlement, likely waiting for them.

Also you can see a very scared Varys hiding out in the Winterfell Crypt with the women and children.

Did you see Gilly and baby Sam in the backgroun?

They're sitting on one of the Stark crypt statues we saw Ned and Robert Baratheon walk by back in Season 1, Episode 1, "Winter is Coming." Winterfell Crypt getting a lot of action in Season 8, obviously.

Here comes the Golden Company on the ships of the Ironborn...

The Golden Company has been mentioned a few times throughout the show, but basically, they're a powerful group of Essos-based mercenaries.

The blonde man leading Golden Company is a new character named Harry Strickland.

In Season 7 Cersei said that she wanted the Golden Company to "recover some things that belong to me." 

It is presumed that she means Winterfell.

Then we see Beric and Tormund are alive!

We were already pretty sure they survived the Night King’s assault on the Wall, but now it’s confirmed. Here the two are with Dolorous Edd:

Then we have Sam and Bran chatting and presumably coming up with a plan of attack on how to tell Jon, in the least awkward way possible, that he just had sex with his aunt.

In one of the last scenes of Season 7, Sam and Bran realized that not only was Jon the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar, but also a true-born son, "He needs to know, we need to tell him."

Next, we get Cersei in King’s Landing and she seems very pleased.

Like, she's watching the Golden Company arrive???

Next, we get a rare glimpse of Winter Town and the arrival of the Unsullied...

This shot recalls a scene from the very first episode of the series, both Bran and Arya Stark climbing up high to watch the Lannisters arrive in Winterfell back in Season 1, Episode 1.

And FINALLY we have Jon, Dany, and the dragons arriving at Winterfell!

Sansa looks very impressed.

Then we saw that the heroes are getting ready for battle!

Jon, Dany, and their army don’t have what they need to fight the White Walkers.

The Battle at Winterfell will feature damn near everyone:

Here is Jorah,

Jaime is ready:

Arya, in her first-ever battle, fighting with a spear:

Later in the trailer, we see Jon and Dany with the two dragons!


FINALLY, we have the ominous arrival of the White Walkers with Winterfell in the distance.

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