The Future of NFTs Will Change as Gaming Giants Make Big Shift

The Future of NFTs Will Change as Gaming Giants Make Big Shift

September 20 2022 - 12:11pm

The gaming community has an understandably mixed opinion when it comes to blockchain gaming. Opinions on internet forums lean towards the negative, but there are several communities that welcome gaming economies that revolve around cryptocurrencies.

Hearing or reading the letters “NFT” will either entice someone to play a video game or make them ignore and bury it forever.

But as much as players would hate for blockchain gaming to be the norm, its adoption by big names in the gaming industry will most likely bring a dramatic shift to how this technology is involved in video games.

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Sega, Square Enix, and Bandai Namco Will Lead the Blockchain Gaming Shift

Oasis blockchain just announced more than a week ago that Square Enix joined as one of their final 21 node validators. Square Enix is known for their video game franchises namely, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest.

But the gaming giant isn’t the first well-known name on the list. Part of the “21 node validators” are other Japanese gaming companies like Sega and Bandai Namco. Other participating companies also include Ubisoft, Neowiz, Netmarble, and Com2us Studios, among others.

According to an interview with an Oasys blockchain project executive by Cointelegraph, these huge gaming companies have no intent on backing down from their blockchain vision despite the huge negative outcry of gamers across the world. 

The unwelcoming response of most of the gaming community should not come as a surprise. Most dedicated gamers would say that incorporating NFTs into video games results in a “play to earn” model, which will only lead to products that are subpar and over-reliant on their currencies’ market value.

Creating the Next Future of Gaming

However, Ryo Matsubara, representative director of Oasys, mentions that these giant companies aren’t just in it for profit. He claims that they will also focus on innovating and creating games that are actually fun to play.

To quote Matsubara at the 2022 Tokyo Games Show:

“We have a shared vision about blockchain at the executive level. They don’t [want to] change that policy. They really understand the future adoption of blockchain. They’re not thinking about, you know, just the revenue, they want to create the next future [of gaming].”

He also added that the participating companies will most likely develop new blockchain video games rather than simply incorporate them into their existing IPs.

The future of blockchain gaming and the video game industry is still full of uncertainties, and the gaming community can only hope for the best.

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