‘The Fighter’ – Release Date, Release Date, Synopsis, Cast and More

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> ‘The Fighter’ – Release Date, Release Date, Synopsis, Cast and More

'The Fighter,' directed by David O. Russell and starring Mark Wahlberg (who also produced), Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Melissa Leo, is a 2010 American biographical sports drama film. Micky Ward (Wahlberg) is a professional boxer who lives with his older half-brother Dicky Eklund (Bale). Micky's girlfriend Charlene Fleming is played by Adams, and Micky and Dicky's mother, Alice Eklund-Ward, is played by Leo. The film was inspired by the 1995 documentary High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell, which highlights the Eklund-Ward family.

‘The Fighter’ Release Date

‘The Fighter’ is set to release on Netflix on Wednesday, June 1st.

‘The Fighter’ Trailer

Watch the official trailer of the film here.

‘The Fighter’ Synopsis

Boxing is a family affair for Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg). His manager is his tough-as-nails mother. Dicky (Christian Bale), his half-brother and once promising boxer, is his untrustworthy trainer. Micky is losing despite his efforts, and when the latest fight nearly kills him, he takes his girlfriend's advice and leaves the family. Then Micky becomes a world title candidate, giving him — and his family — a chance at atonement.

‘The Fighter’ Cast

‘The Fighter’ stars Mark Wahlberg (who also produced), Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Melissa Leo.

‘The Fighter’ Box-Office, Critical Reviews and Accolades

On December 17, 2010, the film was released in select North American theaters, and on February 4, 2011, it was distributed in the United Kingdom. The Fighter earned $129 million worldwide and garnered mostly excellent reviews, with critics applauding Wahlberg's, Adams', Bale's, and Leo's performances, with many remarking on the former's weight, accent, and demeanor.

The film was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including two for Best Picture. The film received six Golden Globe nominations, including Best Picture (Drama), Best Actor (Drama) for Wahlberg, Best Supporting Actresses for Leo and Adams, Best Supporting Actor for Bale, and a Best Director nod for Russell. Three Chicago Film Critics award nominations were given to the film: Best Supporting Actor for Bale and Best Supporting Actress for Adams and Leo. Bale received a Satellite Award, a Critics' Choice Award, a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor, and a National Board of Review nomination for Best Supporting Actor. The Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress went to Leo.

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