The Complete List of Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ Re-Recording Bonus Track Songs

> The Complete List of Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ Re-Recording Bonus Track Songs

In honor of last year's start (and the current continuations) of Taylor Swift's re-recording project, let's take a deeper look at exactly what is going on in the very first 'Taylor's Version' release. Swift aimed in 2021 not just to re-release the same album again but to really give fans a package worth experiencing. Here is the complete list of the Fearless (Taylor's Version) full package.

Contents of 'Fearless (Taylor's Version)'

First up, as already anticipated, the album contains the 13 original songs from 2008's Fearless, recording all brand new but staying as close in sound to the original as possible. Since everyone knows about those, we'll continue on with the lesser-known ones: the six tracks included on the 2009 Platinum edition of Fearless, a single from the Valentine's Day movie soundtrack, and the never-before-heard tracks 'from the vault' that were written during the Fearless sessions but never released.

"Jump Then Fall"

As the leading song from the new tracks of the Platinum edition of Fearless, 'Jump Then Fall' did very well on the Billboard Charts, reaching about the same heights as 'Fearless', 'Love Story', 'You Belong with Me', and 'Change.'


You don't hear many covers from Swift, per se, but Luna Halo wrote the original music here. Swift added new lyrics and sound to the Nashville band's song.

"Forever & Always" (Piano Version)

Just like it says! A great song originally, made even more tender and intimate in this piano arrangement.

"Come In With The Rain" / "Superstar"

Country music songwriter Liz Rose co-wrote many early Taylor Swift songs, including 'White Horse,' 'You Belong With Me,' and these two Platinum edition songs.

"The Other Side of the Door"

About half the songs on Fearless are credited, solely to Swift, including 'Fifteen,' 'Forever & Always,' and the last Platinum edition song.

"Today Was a Fairytale"

Here's where things get more interesting! This pop-influenced country song could have been a 'from the vault' track, had Swift not been cast in the film Valentine's Day. She showed the producers 'Today Was a Fairytale,' thinking it was perfect for the film's soundtrack, and they included it in the movie.

"You All Over Me" (featuring Maren Morris)

From the Vault #1

This acoustic-led country song is quintessential Taylor Swift, making sense why she released it as the first single from Fearless (Taylor's Version). 

"Mr. Perfectly Fine"

From the Vault #2

This slightly more rockin' track was released as the second new single, with many fans speculating it to be about Joe Jonas, who she dated before Fearless came out.

"We Were Happy"

From the Vault #3

'We Were Happy' was the second of two songs (the first was 'You All Over Me') Swift produced with the help of Aaron Dessner, the member of The National who she collaborated with in 2020.

"That's When" (featuring Keith Urban)

From the Vault #4

Though not released as a single, critics named 'That's When' as another 'vault' highlight thanks to its duet with country singer Keith Urban. This was their second time collaborating on a song, but first with Swift as the lead artist.

"Don't You"

From the Vault #5

'Don't You' is another minimal Taylor Swift track, and one of four that was co-produced with frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff. The others were 'Mr. Perfectly Fine,' 'That's When,' and the final track.

"Bye Bye Baby"

From the Vault #6

The final track on Fearless (Taylor's Version) actually existed floating around the Internet for years, originally called 'One Thing.'

That's everything! You can find every track's further lyrics videos on Taylor Swift's Vevo page on YouTube, and listen to every track on streaming services.