The Cast of HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ Share About their Experience on the Show

The Cast of HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ Share About their Experience on the Show

Vivian Mwikali
October 14 2022 - 01:44am

Euphoria is the second most-watched show on HBO and in network history, trailing behind Games of Thrones. 

Since its premiere in 2019, Euphoria has garnered an amazing 91% rating on Google Reviews, 88% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.4/10 on IMDb. Many fans and critics praise the show's cinematography and cast delivery.

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'Euphoria' Briefing

HBO's Euphoria is a replica of the Israeli miniseries of the same name that centers on Rue Bennett, a rehabilitating 17-year-old drug addict who struggles to find her identity. The series also features a group of teenage characters in the fictional town of East Highland. They grapple with 21st-century puberty issues such as drug abuse, social media, toxic relationships, sexuality, mental disorders, human trafficking, dating violence, and infidelity. 

Euphoria won six Primetime Emmy Awards this year and several nominations, including Zendaya's second Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series. 

From Zendaya, Jacob Elordi, Alexa Demie and many more, here's what the cast of Euphoria says about working on the series.

Zendaya (Ruby “Rue” Bennett)

Zendaya plays the show’s lead character Rue, a teenage victim of drug abuse. Though rehabilitated, she quickly reverts to her old ways as she tries to find her place in the world. 

“What makes Euphoria special is the cast and crew, where if I cry, there’s like twelve other people behind the camera crying with me. So, I don’t feel alone because I know they have my back,” she commented.

Zendaya also thanked the show's supporters, saying that standing with them helped to get through tough times. 

The powerhouse is also a singer and producer who was listed as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by TIME magazine this year.

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Maude Apatow (Lexi Howard)

Maude Apatow plays Rue’s childhood friend and Cassie Howard’s younger sister. The 24-year-old actress opened up about her struggling with acne while working on Euphoria, thanking the makeup department for their commendable work concealing her breakout. 

She admitted to trying to sneak away with some of the products while filming. “They sent us much makeup for season 2 because the makeup was essential to the first season,” she said. “I was always trying to find ways to steal makeup because they didn’t want us to take them with us.”

Being the daughter of two prominent names in Hollywood, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, Maude has to deal with being dubbed 'nepotism baby'. 'Though I was sad at first, I try not to let it get to me because I understand I'm this lucky. A lot of actors in a similar position have proven they are worth it over the years. So, I'll have to continue working hard to make good work,' she said.

Angus Cloud (Fezco “Fez” O’Neill)

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Angus Cloud plays Fez, a local drug dealer and Rue's close friend. The breakout star comes clean about his experience working on the hit drama series, stating that it was more exhausting than his former job.

He admitted to Variety that working with Sam Levinson, the showrunner was more grueling than working at a chicken and waffles joint and that they would shoot for 10 to 16 hours. 

“I was surprised. Because I wasn’t sweating or physically exhausted but mentally. I would get off work, get in my car and go like s***! WTF! I’m exhausted as f*** and not even doing anything.” 

The 24-year-old breakout star previously worked at a chicken and waffles restaurant in New York before landing his role in Euphoria

Jacob Elordi (Nathaniel “Nate” Jacobs)

Jacob Elordi stars as Nate, the quarterback with anger issues that conceals his sexual insecurities. 

Like his co-star Angus Cloud, Elordi claims that working on the acclaimed HBO series feels like “being in hell.”

Earlier this year, in an interview with Thrillest, Elordi opened up on shooting The New Year's Eve party scene for season 2, which took days. 'The thing is we shot the same scene for so long, over a week, and it quickly felt like I was in hell. It felt like I was being forced to be in a party that I couldn't wait to leave,' he revealed. 

The coming-of-age actor sets to play Elvis Presley in the upcoming biopic film Priscilla focusing on the music icon’s wife.

Eric Dane (Cal Jacobs)

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Eric Dane portrays Nate's strict father, Cal Jacobs. While he seems to have his act together on the outside, inside, he faces a battle of epic proportions. 

Dane notes the immense support from the LGBTQ+ community as he is a straight man playing a gay character. 'The gay community has been incredibly supportive. I think I have given them a voice in playing this character. And I hope that I portray what's true because I wouldn't want to misinterpret something crucial.' 

The Grey's Anatomy vet also says that he loves working with Elordi, who plays his on-screen son. “Jacob is my dude. We have a good connection, which is why the final scene played out well. It seemed effortless. Jacob is a solid and dynamic actor,” he commented.

Alexa Demie (Madeline “Maddy” Perez)

Alexa Demie plays Nate’s on-again-off-again girlfriend, a popular high schooler and potential gold digger.

Here’s what the actress has to say about working on the show, “though we show drugs, sex, and violence, we don’t glorify these things. We focus on the consequences.”

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Storm Reid (Georgia “Gia” Bennett)

Storm Reid portrays Rue’s younger sister Gia, who’s struggling with the tension her sister’s drug addiction has put on their relationship. 

'We are talking about real issues that young people are experiencing and trying to close the bridge between older generations and ours. Thank God I haven't gone through the situations our characters have gone through. But I know people who have. I'm proud to be part of something that gives people hope of being seen and heard,' she claims.

Sydney Sweeney (Cassie Howard)

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Sydney Sweeney depicts Cassie, a prominent high school figure who is objectified for seeking male attention and compromising her self-worth. 

Sweeney cites that she loves her time on set, adding that she's always felt comfortable, unlike other environments she has worked in before.

The 24-year-old also indicated that Sam Levinson was supportive of cutting some of Cassie's nude scenes. 'There are times when Cassie was supposed to be topless, and I would suggest to Sam that it wasn't necessary, and he was like, 'okay we don't need it.''

“I’ve never felt like Sam has ever forced me to do a nude scene. When I didn’t want to shoot a nude scene, he didn’t make me,” she continued.

Hunter Schafer (Jules Vaughn)

Hunter Schafer plays Jules, a transgender girl who is in a tempestuous relationship with Rue. She grapples with addiction and gender identity.  

About her time on Euphoria, Schafer says, “I see a lot of myself in Jules. I do believe that blurred lines between an actor and a character make a more relatable character. The role of an actor is to simulate a wholesome life. Some might argue that it doesn't make a strong actor, but that's how I learned. I'm still learning and setting boundaries, which I didn't have in the first season.'

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