The Best Kid Shows on Disney+ to Watch in September 2022

The Best Kid Shows on Disney+ to Watch in September 2022

Vivian Mwikali
September 07 2022 - 06:48pm

Disney+ was launched in November 2019 as a branch of The Walt Disney Company, Entertainment Distribution, and Disney to offer streaming platforms to worldwide customers. It has since performed well in all shows, including sci-fi, animations, realities, drama, comedies, and documentaries. 

However, the streamer gained unmatched popularity from its incredible animated kid shows which have unified children from every corner of the globe. 

This blog brings you several most recent shows appropriate for your kids at an affordable fee of $7.99 (monthly) or $79.99 (annually).

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1. The Ghost and Molly McGee

Created by Bill Motz and Bob Roth, The Ghost and Molly McGee stars Dana Synder, Ashly Burch, Greg Baldwin, Grey Griffin, and John DiMaggio. Other characters include Karl Wahlgren, Jules Medcraft, Michaela Dietz, Jordan Klepper, Sumalle Montano, and Lara Milland.

Good things come from weird circumstances. The animated series, which launched on April 6th, follows Molly McGee (Ashly Burch) and Scratch, the ghost (Dana Synder), in a bond after Scratch's spell backfires. 

Although the duo initially has different opinions, they eventually emerge as the best team and help one another throughout the show. 

The Ghost and Molly McGee managed a 7.2-10-star rating score on IMDb, making it one of the best animes for your children.

2. Ice Age: Scrat Tales

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Another one on the list is Ice Age: Scrat Tales, with Donnie Long as the director alongside Matt Munn, Michael Berardini, Eric Prah, Lisa Keane, Jeff Gabor, and Drew Winey. The mini-series was chiefly produced by L. Braid and Andrew Millstein, with Anthony Nisi as the producer. Scrat Tales has garnered an outstanding 7.3 out of 10-star rating on IMDb, with 91% likes. 

You've most probably met Scrat and his beloved acorn in other films like Gone Nutty. However, the most recent show focused on a different topic, Scrat (Chris Wedges) and fatherhood, although the acorn was still involved. 

Along with baby Scrat (Karl Wahlgren), the two travel through challenging destinations- from scary heights, freezing in ice cubes, skipping fire, and more life-threatening events. Scrat Tales is a hilariously fun show for kids aged six years and above.

3. Baymax

Disney Plus' Baymax makes one great show for your kids. The series premiered on June 29th as a branch of Big Hero 6 (2014). Baymax combines entertainment with educational scenes with the inflated robot designed to detect anyone at their lowest and act promptly. 

Since its launch, the show has managed a 6.9 out of 10-star rating, enough figures to have it renewed for season two.

Don Hall is the series' creator alongside directors Dean Wellins, Lissa Treiman, Dan Abraham, and Mark Kennedy. The series is a Walt Disney Animation Studios project, chiefly produced by Hall, Jennifer Lee, Roy Conli, and Bradford Simonsen. 

Get ready to encounter plenty of unmatched talents from actors Maya Rudolph, Scott Adsit, Jaboukie Y-White, Ryan Potter, Emily Kuroda, and Zeno Robinson.

4. I am Groot

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Groot has been for uplifting happiness in many kids; we saw him in Guardians of the Galaxy. Disney Plus' most recent Groot show, I am Groot dives deeper into his mischiefs with rib-cracking scenes worthy of sacrificing your time for.

Vin Diesel satisfactorily takes up his role as Groot, while Bradley Cooper (Rockett Raccoon), Groot's close friend, does what they do best. The series was written by Ryan Little, alongside Kirsten Lepore as the director and co-writer. 

Through a compilation of never-seen-before shots, the show offers a satisfying look into Groot's infancy to growing up to become as mischievous as he is today. 

I am Groot launched on August 10th and has garnered a massive fan base with a 6.8/10-star rating on IMDb and an 87%average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Although no news has been unveiled concerning the second season, there possibly can't miss a season two for the series.

5. Cars on the Road

Cars on the Road is an upcoming kids’ series focusing on McQueen and his close Mater as they tour the United States' most eye-catching cities to attend Mater's sister's event. 

The magnificent will have your kids staring at the screen with their cheeks wide spread –smiling. Everyone who adores road trips and related shows can watch Cars on the Road on Disney+ this September 8th. The fun never gets old!

Steve Purcell directed the series alongside Brain Fee and Bobby Podesta as the writers and Jake Monaco as the composer. Cars on the Road is a Walt Disney Company and Pixar Animation Studios co-project, with Pete Docter and Marc Sondheimer as the chief producer and producer, respectively. 

Various talents incorporated in the series include Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Quinta Brunson, Bonnie Hunt, Cheech Marin, and Llyod Sheri. Cars on the Road joins other shows in celebrating the Disney+ Day month with its unmatched kids' content.

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