The Best and Worst Characters of ‘Nashville’

The Best and Worst Characters of ‘Nashville’

Vivian Mwikali
September 06 2022 - 05:00pm

Nashville is a 2012 show that told the life story of several country music legends: Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen, Jonathan Jackson, Charles Esten, Lennon Stella, Sam Palladio, Chris Carmack, Maisy Stella, David Alford, Connie Britton, and Ed Amatrudo on the pivotal roles. 

Other stars from the series included Eric Close, Will Chase, Kourtney Hansen, Aubrey Peeples, Judith Hoag, and Oliver Hudson.

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How Many Seasons Does ‘Nashville’ Have?

Nashville ran for six seasons from its launch in 2012 to 2018. ABC initially housed the series before finding a new home on CMT for the sixth and final season. Nashville's outstanding performance left a long-lasting print on its fans' hearts. 

The six-season show received a 71% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, an 84% on TV Guide, and a whopping 7.7/10-star rating on IMDb. 

Now that the show is over, fans can freely rank their best and worst characters based on various aspects.

Worst: Avery Barkley

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Jonathan Jackson's impersonation of Avery Barkley significantly contributed to Nashville's general performance. 

Although he is kicked off as an annoying character due to his excessive desire for fame, Barkley later joins Juliette, who assists him in shaping a better path for his career. 

He initially traded his close friends to acquire a position in a renowned music label, a move he deeply regrets after finding the right team.

Best: Rayna James

You can't talk about Nashville without mentioning Connie Freaking Britton's character Rayna James who had pretty adorable traits. Although many disagreed with her love-life decisions, Rayna's dedication to love, music, family, and children put her into the hearts of many. 

Her pure intentions towards everything and everyone around her made her even more adorable, not forgetting the impressive performances as the Queen of Country. 

Seeing Rayna was never a dull moment; unfortunately, her sudden death in season five broke millions of hearts.

Worst: Layla Grant

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Nashville introduced Layla as a young, brilliant character, played by Aubrey Peeples, who later won the Nashville Star title, making her even more attractive to the fans. 

Although Layla's connection to Will almost killed her career, she still managed to win her fans back after declining the former's reality show signings. 

Layla is also slightly annoying, but at least not like Juliette. Her husband's confession leads to an even more heartless and annoying Layla.

Worst: Juliette Barnes

Hayden Panettiere impersonated Nashville's Juliette Barnes; for a reason, she wasn't loved by many. Despite her industry, fans hated Juliette's constant pride and for caring less about those around her. 

She competed with Rayna in every aspect possible while trying to pose as a determined country musician after realizing most people took her like a joker. Her efforts to prove innocence to everyone triggered hate from many fans, although they started to build some love after becoming victims of a plane crash. 

Fans also slightly love the sassiness she brings to the show and her determination to become a good mother after getting pregnant.

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Best: Will Lexington

Will Lexington (played by Chris Carmack) is an ambitious country music singer seeking to become one of Nashville's finest. He is a behind-the-curtains gay man, married to Layla Grant, battling self-esteem and confidence issues. 

However, as the show proceeds, Lexington starts to gain love from the fans as his confidence grows bigger and better. Another aspect that made Lexington wins his fans' heart is his unmatched dedication to his friendships and relationships. 

Will became an inspiration to many people struggling with their confidence, despite having a few flaws.

Worst: Maddie Conrad

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Lennon Stella portrayed the Maddie Conrad character battling family issues after her parents separated in the first season. Conrad tried to maintain her fans' love in the first two installments, but soon started to fall out when she began to mistreat her younger sibling. 

It was chaos throughout the series as Conrad stressed her mother out to become a music star, even after shielding to shield her from music. Most fans didn't know where to stand regarding their love for Maddie Conrad as she kept changing from good to bad.

Best: Gunnar Scott

Gunnar Scott has been a fans' favorite character (played by Sam Palladio) throughout the six seasons. He won the love through his hard work, regardless of the ups and downs of the music industry. 

Everyone loves Scott's determination to do better and better; after a series of trials and fails, he finally became a songwriter and received a CMA trophy, although a family issue prevented him from attending the event. 

Later, Scott's girlfriend leaves him- a move that triggers fans to love him more for remaining steadfast through various obstacles and his efforts towards his profession.

Worst: Scarlett O' Connor

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Nashville fans could narrate Scarlett's annoying nature on an entire page. It was always chaos and drama whenever Scarlett popped up, not forgetting her several relationships, which added salt to the drama. 

Most viewers described Scarlett as a manipulator, narcissist, and failure after letting go of various life-changing opportunities. She was also perfect at playing the victim of her mistakes, despite everyone's efforts to see her succeed.

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