The 20 Most Memorable Deaths Of TV Characters!


The characters on TV shows almost become our friends as we spent years watching those series. For this reason, we tend to make emotional connections with the fictional characters. The following characters broke our hearts deeply by their sudden deaths on screen.

Beware – there are spoilers!

1. Walder Frey – “Game of Thrones”

Season 6, Episode 10. Even though his death didn’t make us very sad, it was still a great moment: he was killed by the woman he thought was his servant...

2. Ianto Jones – “Torchwood”

Season 3, Episode 5. While planet Earth is in the hands of aliens, the adorable Ianto was unfortunately infected by a deadly virus...

3. Gustavo Fring – “Breaking Bad”

Season 4, Episode 13. For an astonishing death, you have to think about the scene where Gustavo dies. His death was one of the most epic and explosive deaths in the history of TV and movies

4. Lady Sybil Branson – “Downton Abbey”

Season 3, Episode 9. One of the most popular characters among fans, Sybil, died from complications resulting from a difficult delivery.

5. Tara Maclay – “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”

Season 6, Episode 19. A bullet fired to kill Buffy actually hit Tara.

6. Joyce Summers – “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”

Season 5, Episode 16. The mother of Buffy, the main character, died from a brain tumor.

7. Amber Volakis – “House”

Season 4, Episode 16. Amber experienced a particularly tragic death after a car accident. Even the hardest, most insensitive person couldn’t hold back a tear.

8. Christopher Miles – “Skins”

Season 2, Episode 9. From the first generation of “Skins,” the most famous character of the series was unfortunately suffering from a hereditary disease that violently took his life.

9. Dr. Mark Greene – “ER”

Season 8, Episode 21. Tragic: One of the series’ main characters, Dr. Greene, dies from a brain tumor.

10. Walter White – “Breaking Bad”

Season 5, Episode 16. Even though his death was expected from the beginning, we were still saddened by the final scene: in the ultimate desire to save Jesse from the gang who had kidnapped him, he ended up taking a bullet in his place...

11. Spike – “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”

Season 7, Episode 22. Always wanting to save the world at Buffy’s side, he lost his life, just after confessing his love ...

12. Caitlin Todd – “NCIS”

Season 2, Episode 23. One of the show’s pioneers, she was a strong woman of character, but her death proved that people don’t necessarily return from their mission when they’re at NCIS...

13. Poussey Washington – “Orange is the New Black”

Season 4, Episode 12. In order to prevent Crazy Eyes from being sent to the prison’s psychiatric ward, Poussey is the one who suffered the consequences... She fought to her death.

14. Oberyn Martell – “Game of Thrones”

Season 4, Episode 8. Surely the most tragic and vicious death on “Game of Thrones”: he dies in a fight against “The Mountain.”

15. Ziva David – “NCIS”

Season 13, Episode 24. Our favorite character was taken from us when her house in Tel Aviv exploded, and she left behind a little girl.

16. Hodor – “Game of Thrones”

Season 6, Episode 5. At least he deserves praise for dying a hero to save Bran and Meera.

17. Mike Delfino – “Desperate Housewives”

Season 8, Episode 16. He was one of the most endearing characters on the show: Mike, Susan's beloved... In addition, he only died because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, a very sad event.

18. Derek Shepherd – “Grey's Anatomy”

Season 11, Episode 21. The most famous doctor on TV is truly and unfortunately dead, and the series will end without him... The reason? An unfortunate car accident.

19. Eddard Stark – “Game of Thrones”

Season 1, Episode 9. This character experienced a very violent death that happened at the end of the first season.

20. The Red Wedding – “Game of Thrones”

Season 3, Episode 9. The Stark had a hard time in this season finale; there was a lot of blood during the wedding of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey.

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