Tarek El Moussa Net Worth: How Rich is The Real-Estate Tycoon?

Tarek El Moussa Net Worth: How Rich is The Real-Estate Tycoon?

Kimjun Demo
November 08 2022 - 06:48pm

When it comes to the realm of real estate, Tarek El Moussa's name will inevitably sound strange. He is a real estate agent turned millionaire, host of a reality TV show, and investor. Tarek is the embodiment of the traditional American dream. He is a smart businessman who understands how to take advantage of shifting market sentiments for his own gain.

Despite being known as a genius about the market's algorithm, in his early days, just like a cliche story of triumph, Tarek also started from scratch and faced countless difficulties. And what is the exact net worth of this millionaire, actually?

This article will show you his biography, the challenges that he underwent, and the total sum of his wealth.

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Early Life

Tarek was born to his parents on Friday, August 21, 1981, in Long Beach, California, in the United States, according to Wikipedia. He practices Christianity as his religion. Tarek El Moussa was born on this day, thus he is 40 years old (as of 2021).

The 21st of August is always the day Tarek celebrates his birthday. His interest in real estate and interior design dates back to his early years, per the reports. He completed his higher education at a reputable California university.

He then started concentrating on his real estate profession after that. And in 2002, Tarek, at 21 years old, obtained his real estate license. He is a well-known TV personality and real estate investor nowadays.

Life and Career

He quickly rose to the top of the real estate game in numerous California counties. When he was a real estate agent, he met Christina, the woman who would become his wife. Up until 2008, when the American real estate market experienced a severe crisis, everything was going as planned. Due to their financial situation, Tarek and Christina were forced to relocate to a less expensive house. Tarek started investigating a novel solution in order to deal with the financial shortage. He started obtaining foreclosed homes for cheap, which he would later restore and resell. The couple made their first profit after purchasing a house in Santa Ana for 115,000 USD and selling the renovated home. This route yielded a higher profit, and their financial situation began to improve.

In 2011, Tarek and Cristina recorded themselves purchasing foreclosed properties, refurbishing them, and then reselling them in order to pitch a new reality series to HGTV. The TV network executives were taken aback by the clip and agreed that the concept had promise. Tarek agreed to host a weekly show showcasing their work after they contacted the couple with the idea. After that, in 2012, he and Christina agreed to a deal with HGTV, which led to the creation of the program 'Flip or Flop.' 

The pair was shown purchasing a foreclosed property on the show, remodeling it, and then reselling it for a significant profit. On April 16, 2013, the first episode of 'Flip & Flop' aired. The program was a great hit and ran for five seasons straight. Tarek and Christina rose to fame, and audiences developed a warm spot for them thanks to peeks into their picture-perfect family life with two kids. Tarek has also started hosting a different show on the HGTV network in the meantime.

Along with his wife Christina, Tarek founded the El Moussa Group, a real estate firm that predominantly operates in Orange County, California, which has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. Since then, they have increased their operations in the nearby states of Arizona and Nevada.

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Career In Real Estate

When it comes to his professional background, Tarek El Moussa began his career as a real estate agent. Wikipedia states that Tarek obtained his real estate license in 2002. He then began pursuing a career in real estate. In this industry, he achieved financial success. Tarek and Christina El Moussa encountered several difficulties in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis.

Tarek has worked as a real estate agent for eXp Realty, per his LinkedIn page. In addition to this, since January 2008, he has been the owner of Next Level Property Investments LLC. The Agency by Tarek El Moussa is a new business that Tarek launched in April 2019. Tarek El Moussa is also the founder and a partner of an investment firm as of January 2021. He also owns construction companies.


Media reports claim that Tarek El Moussa entered the TV business during the 2008 financial crisis. He encountered many difficulties in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. After some time, Tarek and Christina, his former business partner, began flipping residences as a new real estate tactic. According to the sources, El Moussa sent HGTV an audition tape showing how to flip a house. Following that, they were chosen for the 2013 season of the HGTV program Flip or Flop. The show is currently hosted by Tarek and his ex-wife Christina. In addition to this, Tarek El Moussa has appeared in a number of other programs, including Brother vs. Brother, Home & Family, HGTV Insider, Flipping 101, and Tarek's Flip Side. Right now, he is a popular TV celebrity.

Personal Life

The couple from 'Flip or Flop' seemed to have the ideal life, but things were anything but perfect on the inside. They were said to frequently argue, and Tarek even believed his wife was cheating on him with a friend and contractor Gary Anderson. He even engaged a private investigator to find proof of his wife's adultery. The marriage suffered as a result of Tarek's declining health. After receiving a divorce decree in 2016, Tarek and Christina are adamant about maintaining their friendship for the benefit of their two children. Tarek and Christina continue to co-host 'Flip or Flop.'

Afterward, Christina married Ant  Anstead, an English television host. Later, in 2019, Heather Rae Young, a star of Selling Sunset, and Tarek El Moussa began dating. On October 23, 2021, in Miramar Beach, Montecito, Tarek married Heather Rae, his second wife, after a two-year engagement. Currently, Heather and Tarek are happily married and residing in the US.

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Tarek El Moussa Net Worth

It was a tough journey for Tarek El Moussa to become a successful real estate developer. Yet through his hard work and dedication, Tarek El Moussa was able to make a good income throughout his career. If we include both his total salary from his TV show and income from his real estate business, as of 2022, Tarek's estimated net worth is approximately $15–18 million USD.

He receives about $10,000 to $15,000 per episode for appearing on an HGTV program. Furthermore, Tarek and his family enjoy a high standard of living in the US. Additionally, he is the owner of several houses. Following his split with Christina Haack, Tarek also purchased a new home. He also owns 11 luxurious cars, such as his newly bought Mercedes-Benz AMG GT which costs $790,000, the Jaguar I-Pace for $150,000, the BMW X9, the Ferrari Portofino, the Audi Q2, and more.

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