Star Player Emmanuel Adebayor Has The Most Troubling Family Ever!


Being a star football player doesn't mean that you'll only hit the news by your athletic achievements. One of the weirdest examples to this situation comes from the striker Emmanuel Adebayor...

1. The Adebayor's family has made the news through the incidents that his mother, Alice Adebayor, gone through.

The rumor is that the star player has told his mother to leave his house. Adebayor is also accused of to not to be in good terms with other family members.

2. Footballer replied the accusation over his personal Facebook account.

You can check out the accusations from Adebayor's own words here!

3. Adebayor lended a serious amount of money to his mother so that she can cover the costs for his sibling's education.

Adebayor also helped her mother and gave money to her so that she can found a business for herself. However, Alice Adebayor spent all the money for herself.

4. "I bought a $1.2m house in East Legon for the one talking and calling herself my sister. Can you imagine that sister went to rent the house without my knowledge?"

5. "My brother Kola Adebayor, has now been in Germany for 25 years. He travelled back home about 4 times, at my expense. I fully cover the cost of his children's education. When I was in Monaco, he came to me and asked for money to start a business. Only God knows how much I gave him. Where is that business today?"

6. "'When our brother Peter passed away, I sent Kola a great amount of money so he could fly back home. He never showed up at the burial."

7. "Kola is telling people that I am involved in Peter's death. How? He is the same brother who went and told inaccurate stories about our family to The Sun in other to take some money. They also sent a letter to my Club when I was in Madrid so I could get fired."

8. "When I was in Monaco I thought it would be good to have a family of footballers. So I made sure my brother Rotimi gets into a football academy in France. Within a few months; out of 27 players, he stole 21 phones."

9. "I was in Ghana when I received the news about my brother Peter being seriously ill. I drove the fastest I could to Togo in order to meet him and help. When I arrived, my mother said I could not see him and I should just give the money and she would solve everything. Only God knows how much I gave her that day."

10. "Today I am still alive and they have already shared all my goods, just in case I die."

11. "They should stop talking, they should stop doing Juju on me, they should leave me alone."
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