Squid Game Season II and Squid Game the Reality Show are Coming Soon

Squid Game Season II and Squid Game the Reality Show are Coming Soon

Jamie Sugay
July 05 2022 - 10:45am

The number one streamer, Netflix, has just brought us two new reasons to get excited. They’ve given the green light on yet another season of Squid Game and a real game show based on it.

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About Squid Game Season II

The world’s number one streamer has just announced that we can expect Squid Game Season II to hit our screens in 2024. It is well known that we waited 12 years just for Season 1, so I guess this is a vast improvement in terms of timelines. 

They announced it in style too with a short clip on YouTube and Twitter as well as through a statement from Squid Game Director Hwang Dong-hyuk, laid out on the show’s iconic brown paper calling card. 

If the first season is any indication, then we can most definitely expect at least 50 million viewers and another binge-worthy series.

When can we watch it?

It is rumored that only three pages of the script have been written, so we may only get to watch the second season in 2024, but we really don’t know for sure. So be sure to check periodically so you don't miss out on the premier.

Are there any released trailers?

Ummm… Yes? No? Maybe? While no clue has been given about which direction Season II is going to take, there is a very interesting teaser on Twitter and Youtube that will keep you watching out for more.

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What’s the plot?

We know that Squid Game Season I left us knowing there was more to come but not knowing anything else. After all, the lead Seong Gi-hun chooses not to board his waiting airplane upon knowing that those behind Squid Game were tracking his whereabouts.

Who’s coming back?

For now, we know that Gi-hun (portrayed by actor Lee Jung Jae) will be coming back and that there will still be a “Front Man.” Anything else than that, we have to wait and see.

What can we watch in the meantime?

Well, Squid Game Season I is still on Netflix, but if that’s not enough for you, audition for the Squid Game Reality Show here. The game is scheduled to be filmed in early 2023 and will feature 456 players from all over the world who will be battling it out for a chance to win $4.56 million dollars. 

Watch Onedio for the latest news in the Squid Game franchise.

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