‘Solar Opposites’ Proceeds to Season Three on Hulu

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> ‘Solar Opposites’ Proceeds to Season Three on Hulu

Several films have adopted the idea of aliens attacking planet earth but only a few have delivered it in a perfectly humorous manner. 

Hulu’s Solar Opposites managed to fill that gap with an intriguing, funny story. The series launched in May 2020, becoming one of the streamer’s award-winning series in terms of views and ratings.

The series got a season three renewal after the success of its two predecessors. This third installment is slightly different- it carries twelve episodes, unlike the first and second seasons, which had eight episodes. All parts will be launched at once, relieving the fans who dislike waiting for weekly releases. Solar Opposites has already been renewed for the fourth season.

What’s ‘Solar Opposites’ Season Three About?

The series follows a group of four aliens running from their exploding residence only to arrive on a human planet in America suddenly. The two heads of the aliens vary in terms of opinions concerning earth; for Terry, the new world is fantastic with junk food, TV, and humans, while Korvo thinks it’s awful with pollution, human frailty, and crass consumerism. 

Their main job is to protect the Pupa, a living mega computer that they believe will one day turn into its natural form, eat them, and change the planet earth.

The official trailer kicks off with surprising developments beginning with the humans trapped in The Wall, a family appearing to be still figuring out how to manage Pupa’s growth, and the new level of freedom.

Who Plays Who in ‘Solar Opposites’?

Returning for the third season are Justin Roiland (Korvo), Thomas Middleditch of Silicon Valley voicing Terry, Korvo’s partner, Mary Mack of Golan the Insatiable voicing Jesse and Sean Giambrone of The Goldbergs portraying Yumyulack.

Other characters include Tiffany Haddish, Rainn Wilson, Andy Daly, Christina Hendricks, Sterling K. Brown, and Alfred Molina

Who are The Show-Runners?

Solar Opposites is co-created by Mike McMahan and Justin Roiland of Gravity Falls and Adventure Time, with Lee Harting as the editor. 

Michael Mendel and Sydney Ryan are the producers, alongside McMahan and Roiland as the chief producers. Josh Bycel wrote the series.

Where to Watch ‘Solar Opposites’ Season Three

The third season of Solar Opposites launched on Hulu on July 13th. Hulu subscribers can now enjoy all the episodes at their own pace. 

Seasons one and two are also available for newcomers. There’s a lot in store for you!