Red Hot Chili Peppers Buried A Great EP In A Bloated 17-Track Record On ‘Unlimited Love’

> Red Hot Chili Peppers Buried A Great EP In A Bloated 17-Track Record On ‘Unlimited Love’

Californian funk-rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers released Unlimited Love on April 1st, 2022, but it was no joke. This twelfth studio album from the band reunited the three core members with classic guitar John Frusciante who has recorded five previous albums with the band but had been absent since 2009. Though Unlimited Love is not a terrible album by any means, it is a massive 73 minutes of relatively low-key funk-rock that doesn’t quite have the quality to support its length. For those who still want an entry point, here is a select group of diverse song choices from the album that makes for a 30-minute representative slice!

1. “Black Summer”

The first single and opening track of Unlimited Love is unquestionably the strongest, a dynamic cut of RHCP that has been the classic sound of the band since “Californication.” Get ready for a sing-along!

2. “Here Ever After”

Percussive instrumentally and vocally, “Here Ever After” sports a nice chorus as well as one of the most driving funky basslines on the record.

3. “Aquatic Mouth Dance”

A full-on jam makes this song one of the best on the record; even jazzy horns pop up in the later minutes of the instrumental sections.

4. “It's Only Natural”

With a soaring chorus, this is the closest to pop-rock that the Peppers reach on the album. For an extra upgrade, “It’s Only Natural” focuses on a fresh Frusciante guitar part.

5. “These Are the Ways”

Beginning as a soft-rock song like some of the band’s mellower tracks, the chorus then takes things in a new direction, which slowly morphs into a power-chord rock jam by the end.

6. “Whatchu Thinkin'”

Chilled-out funk reminds listeners of the easier side of RHCP; though the same sound showed up on the promotional single “Poster Child” and other songs, this song has a bit more excitement to it.

7. “The Heavy Wing”

“The Heavy Wing” shows up late in the album, but it’s an innovative highlight that sounds genuinely composed, as opposed to the occasional half-baked sound that comes out of the lesser tracks on Unlimited Love.

The full album is also available on streaming services now, but start with these if you’re skeptical! 30 minutes of RHCP is a much more appetizing showcase than the full experience.