Recent Movies Even Worse Than ‘Cats’

> Recent Movies Even Worse Than ‘Cats’

In recent memory, Cats is the last of those rare films that everyone could so easily and gleefully ridicule for its shortcomings and misfires. While its unintentionally haunting animation and shockingly bad direction made Cats something of an enjoyable pilgrimage for theater-goers who loved movies of the “so bad they’re good” variety, the other side of the bad movie spectrum is not nearly as widely covered.

‘Honest Thief’

In honor of another critically-panned Liam Neeson film currently in theaters, this time the Irish actor directed by Mark Williams plays a bank robber who wants to return all the money he stole to live a normal life. Honest Thief is part of a long line of movies borrowing heavily from Taken, but once again we are never given an honest reason to care about what this character is doing.


Norwegian director André Øvredal makes his first major stumble with a basic adult fantasy film about a troubled kid with godlike powers. Released right near the onset of the global pandemic, Mortal was an unbelievably massive flop.

‘Tom and Jerry’

Despite having one of the best box office performances of a pandemic-hindered 2021, the Tom & Jerry hybrid animation/live-action film was considered a failure for anyone above the age of 7.

‘Blithe Spirit’

Though the cast sports Dan Stevens, Leslie Mann, Isla Fisher, and the remarkable Judi Dench, the first theatrical release of theater director Edward Hall takes its inspired source material from 1941 and makes it ridiculously unfunny.

‘Every Breath You Take’

Another solid cast of Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, and Sam Claflin is squandered on an unfathomably stupid plot and poor execution for this psychological thriller.


Did you miss this other 2022 Liam Neeson/Mark Williams action thriller, this time about an agent near retirement who uncovers an FBI conspiracy? Lucky you!


Antoine Fuqua’s films have edged closer and closer to the edge of massive failure with every new release, but this one takes the cake. This sci-fi action film, featuring the multiple lives of Mark Wahlberg’s “schizophrenic” character, weakly combines obvious influences into a seriously bad film.

‘The Virtuoso’

Facing the crime of being both utterly stupid and completely boring, yet another action-thriller The Virtuoso is incompetent on pretty much every level.

‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’

Another subset of “recent movies that are not worth your time” feature a heavy dose of Bruce Willis (this one has Megan Fox, too). In the wake of his recent condition-induced retirement from acting, these final failures were even more upsetting.

‘10 Minutes Gone’

Michael Chiklis joins Bruce Willis for the worst film on this list, a terrible film for every crew and cast member involved that features, bank robberies, missing jewels, and memory loss, of course.

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