Ranking ‘And Just Like That’ Characters from Worst to Best

Ranking ‘And Just Like That’ Characters from Worst to Best

Vivian Mwikali
August 29 2022 - 12:07am

Fans of the classic late 90s series 'Sex and the City', can attest that a reboot was totally unnecessary. The creators may have tried to right some of the original's wrongs, but it only succeeded in delivering some of the cringiest and most debasing moments in TV history.

Still, trainwrecks are deliriously fun to watch. So, without further due, let's get into which of the characters of this resurrected high-budget series made a significant impact, whether good or bad. While many were intolerable, some sucked less. 

Scroll below for And Just Like That character ranking from worst to best, based on their growth and likeability.

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14. Che Díaz

Saying that Che Díaz is the worst character of AJLT is an understatement. Che is the cringiest character on television in the past decade. She was neither relatable nor funny and managed to annoy everyone with her gross affair with Miranda.

Steve and Miranda are one of the best couples since Sex and the City, so Che coming between them was met by intense fan criticism. 

The podcaster surely didn't get off to a good start on the show, and the only way to redeem herself in the second season is if she leaves the redhead alone and pursues someone who's not going through a mid-life crisis.

13. Mr. Big

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Even in death, Mr Big still tops the a**hole list. He found a way to make a fool out of Carrie by securing his former second wife, Natasha with a whole $1 million for whatever reason. 

Guess Carrie had it coming for two decades when Mr Big wouldn’t commit to her yet married a twenty-something-year-old he shortly met in France.

12. Miranda Hobbes

Oh my! What happened to our cool level-headed attorney? Miranda Hobbes was everyone’s absolute favorite in Sex and the City. A hard-working, self-aware and cynical embodiment of the modern woman, Miranda seemed to overshadow the show's main character at times.

Now coming to the grey-haired Miranda in AJLT, she is a completely different person, and fans hate it! She's unsure of herself, flails in her studies, has a drinking problem, is a terrible friend and seems to forget that she's married. What she saw in Che, we'll never know.  

And the Miranda we know would never say cheesy foul phrases like, 'I'm craving me some Che.' Poor Steve! 

Let’s hope Miranda gets some sense knocked into her in the show’s second season.

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11. Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie may not be the worst character of the reboot, but she doesn’t trail too far. She hasn’t changed much either. She’s still the same canonical, annoying and self-centered New Yorker who struts the neighbourhood in dishwashing gloves.

The only evolution we see in the character is her new title of podcaster. Other than that, she still stalks Natasha decades later rather than reach out to her as normal people do. No number of dead husbands or Manolos will change Carrie’s personality. Even the few charms and tricks she has on her sleeve seem to be wearing off.

10. Brady Hobbes

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Who shamelessly gets it on with his girlfriend with the folks just downstairs? None other than Brady. Even if his mom 'allowed' it, that doesn't justify Steve and his girlfriend Luisa banging the headboard against the wall with Miranda and Steve having ice cream in the living room. 

Wait for your parents to go on a trip to have a romp in the sack as normal teens do.

9. Stanford Blatch

We hardly saw much of Stanford in Sex and the City except when he needed to play the role of gay best friend and short-term hubby to our notoriously selfish protagonist. Luckily in the sequel films, we saw Stany’s love-hate relationship with Anthony unexpectedly blossom into matrimony. 

Expectations were high for our sweet gay friend, but tragically death claimed Willie Garson amidst the show’s run. Fans expected a good send-off than the farfetched abrupt relocation to God knows where to become a TikTok creator manager. You will forever be missed, Willie Garson.

8. Anthony Marentino

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Although we didn’t know much about Anthony in the original series except that he was a bitchy gay best friend to a tee, AJLT has allowed him to share the spotlight, enabling fans to see a softer side to him. And he aaaiiit with us! 

Anthony has evolved from delivering sassy punch lines to having a story of his own. He also becomes closer to Carrie, providing the perfect opportunity to further grow his already lovable character.

7. Charlotte York-Goldenblatt

Charlotte has the best character arc of the show’s main cast and keeps evolving in the reboot. Fans love how Charlotte has progressed from the most close-minded, uptight and judgemental of the ladies to embracing possibilities that she wouldn’t dream of doing in her youth, like going down on a guy😉

Charlotte may still retain some harmful prejudices, but the fact that she's willing to work on her flaws makes her one of the best characters in the show.

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6. Dr. Nya Wallace

Ironically, AJLT’s most outstanding performances came from the newbies, including Dr Nya Wallace, Miranda’s professor. 

Her relatable storyline, struggling to become pregnant, makes fans want to see more of her outside her connection to Miranda.

5. Steve Brady

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Steve has been through hell and back, losing a testicle, dealing with mid-life indiscretion and partial hearing loss, but one thing will never change- his genuine love for his wife, who now dreams of some lesbian seducer. 

The bartender has always been a fan favorite since serving Miranda a glass of wine and an orgasm or more afterwards. The writers who thought of demeaning Steve's bedroom game in AJLT shall be dealt with severely. Fans need their charming, laid-back and sweet Steve back.

4. Harry Goldenblatt

Fans instantly fell in love with Harry from the moment he made his debut in Sex and the City's fifth season. His golden treatment of Charlotte made the audience love him even more.

Several years later, Harry remains the same supportive and loving father and husband. Though he struggles with Rose’s sexual identity, we’re sure he’ll come around.

3. Lisa Todd Wexley

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Though Lisa appears briefly on the show, she is the kind of pleasant addition AJLT needs. She is compassionate and supportive; the kind of BFF Charlotte desperately needs outside of Carrie and Miranda. 

She is the obvious new Samantha of the group.

2. Seema Patel

Seema's debut in AJLT's fourth episode was a breath of fresh air. As Carrie's realtor, Seema is supportive and helps the protagonist deal with her husband's death. She is searching for love but not as delusional as Carrie or as judgemental as Charlotte were in the predecessor series. 

Seema also helps Carrie open up to new experiences and outlooks. She is the medicine for a show notorious for its lack of diversity and close-mindedness.

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1. Samantha Jones

Although Samantha wasn't physically in the show, she was still a compelling force. The sexy and free-spirited publicist left such a void that the show's creators had to fill it with four new women of color. 

Samantha was not only a fiercely loyal friend in Sex and the City but also immensely connected to get the circle of friends tables in fancy New York restaurants. Without her, the trio is now forced to buy casual meals in dowdy places like Chelsea Market. 

Even when off in 'London', Samantha is above it all, from sending a thoughtful flower arrangement to John Preston's wake to responding to Carrie's text after thoughtlessly disclosing on a live podcast how the publicist corrected her diaphragm years ago. 

Samantha's MIA will continue to be AJLT's biggest subplot. That's pretty cool, don't you think?

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