Prime Video’s 'Lovestruck High' Will Have You Reminiscing About Your High-school Days

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Prime Video got you covered if you love teen and high-school movie styles. The streaming platform’s newest accomplishment, Lovestruck High, is an extraordinary immersive dating show, taking a diverse squad of UK students to an ideal American high school. 

The trailer for the film is up already via Prime Video’s main YouTube channel, and for sure, we can tell that it’s captivating enough to capture your attention this summer.

What is 'Lovestruck High' About?

For the first time narrating a reality show, Lindsay Lohan promises to awaken that high school-romantic-drama vibes with a perfect set-up and format. The film presents diversified characters searching for their ‘perfect one’ and in the mission to win $100,000 prize money for the strongest relationship. Lovestruck High goes abroad to include the LGBTQ+ society. 

From an ordinary drink at the cafeteria to homecoming and cheer trials, the film makes the best scenes for flirting, finding relationships, and getting in love.

'Lovestruck High' Cast

Lovestruck High incorporates Adam (30 years), Basit (27 years), Alex (27 years), Charlie (29 years), Chante (24 years), Don (23 years), and Huss (28 years). Other characters include Geoff (24 years), Jody (28 years), KT (21 years), Junaid (26 years), Megan (24 years), Max (23 years), Sin (24 years), Yasmine (25 years), and Theo (21 years).

Debut Date

The eight-part high school-romantic-drama launches on Wednesday, May 18th via the Prime Video streaming platform. It’s a plus one on your Binge-watchers list for May.

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