This Performance Artist Asks People To Feel Her Breasts And Genitals


Milo Moiré, a performance artist from Switzerland, did a show called "Mirror Box" in some European cities, including Dusseldorf and Amsterdam, in order to create awareness about feminism and women's rights. The artist, who chose London's Trafalgar Square for her next demo, was arrested by the police.

She allowed people who are older than 18 to feel her genitals for 30 seconds.

Moire, who says that she designed this performance after around 1,000 women were arrested by refugees in Cologne during new year's celebrations. She also added that she her aim is to explain that women's bodies can be touched only if they consent.

She also mentioned that the people in Amsterdam were very open-minded and friendly during her performance and that she received positive feedback.

She claimed that people in London, however, are more conservative and strict and that they didn't understand what her performance was about or why it was the way it was conducted.

The video:

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