Peacock’s 'Would It Kill You to Laugh' Brings John Early and Kate Berlant to the Limelight

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Peacock has several movies and shows launching this summer packed with goodies for everyone. The streaming platform recently ordered a special sketch comedy, Would it Kill You to Laugh, with John Early and Kate Berlant in the leading roles. 

The duo has frequently appeared in several comedy achievements such as 555, The Afterparty, Search Party, and Sorry to Bother You, among others.


Would It Kill You to Laugh will see the pair portraying their amusingly exaggerated versions several years after experiencing a public falling out. Early and Berlant are also said to represent several other funny characters in the special. 

“We are thankful to Peacock for this chance to make the country laugh. We couldn’t be more grateful to reunite again for a great batch of comedies for everyone,” mentioned the trio of chief producers in a collective interview.

Cast and Crew

Andrew DeYoung of Our Flag Means Death, Pen15, and Shrill directs the special alongside Early and Berlant as the chief producers and co-writers. A24 is the production company behind Would it Kill You to Laugh’s success. 

Kate Berlant and John Early have taken it to their primary Twitter pages to share the premiere news accompanied by a video clip concerning the special.

Launch Date

Would It Kill You to Laugh lands on our screens on Friday, June 24th, via Peacock. In the meantime, you can enjoy the official trailer unveiled via the platform’s main YouTube channel. Stay connected for any developments regarding the movie.

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