Paula Abdul Net Worth: Top 3 Things About Paula Abdul’s Life and Wealth

> Paula Abdul Net Worth: Top 3 Things About Paula Abdul’s Life and Wealth

If you are a sucker for audition and talent shows, then you surely would’ve watched the first few seasons of American Idol. One of the show’s original judges, Paula Abdul, has made a career for being one of the show’s mainstays. But before she rose to fame with a more international audience, there are still some things that we should know about her. After all, she has already been in the entertainment world for quite some time now, so it’s fairly easy to say that she has also established a good net worth. Let us take a look at Paula Abdul’s life, wealth, and how she built the net worth she has now.

1. From Cheerleader to Choreographer

Paula Abdul is a skilled dancer and cheerleader. When she was just in highschool, she was already a part of the cheerleading team of Van Nuys High School. After she graduated in 1980, she continued her studies as she took up broadcasting at the California State University, Northridge. She did not stop her cheerleading even with her busy college life. In her freshman year, she was selected to become one of the cheerleaders for the famed NBA Los Angeles Lakers’ cheerleading squad, Laker Girls. She really must have been one of the most skilled in her team since she became head choreographer in just a year!

In one of her performances, the famous group singer The Jacksons took notice of Abdul’s insane talent. Some of the group’s members saw her potential and recruited her to be their choreographer for the song “Torture” (1984). The choreography in the song’s success led Paula Abdul to becoming one of the most sought-after choreographers in the industry. She then went on creating choreographies for some of Janet Jackson’s music videos for “What Have You Done for Me Lately', 'Nasty' and 'Control'.

Basically, Paula Abdul’s fame and fortune right now all started because of her raw talent in cheerleading, dance, and choreography.

2. Music Career, ‘American Idol’, and ‘Hey Paula’

Now if you think Paula Abdul stopped at just working behind the scenes for different stars, then you are wrong. She ended up being the star herself! 

She debuted with her studio album Forever Your Girl in 1988 which ended up being one of the most successful debut albums during that time for securing the number one spot on Billboard 200 just after 64 weeks of its release.

After proving that she has what it takes to be an all-around singer and dancer, Paula Abdul became one of the main judges for the popular singing television competition series American Idol in 2002. During her stay in the show, she also landed other projects such as becoming one of the hosts for Entertainment Tonight. After spending 9 years being a judge on American Idol, Abdul left the show in 2009.

She went on to have guest appearances for other reality TV and talent shows.

3. Paula Abdul’s Tours and Net Worth Today

It is very obvious that even without her constant appearance on television shows, Paula Abdul still earns with different guest appearances through various platforms. She constantly holds concerts and tours in different places. She has toured in 2018 to 2019 with her Straight Up Paula tour and also had regular performances in 2019 to 2020 at Flamingo Las Vegas in Las Vegas performing for her Paula Abdul: Forever Young Girl show.

With a salary of around $2.5 million per year, Paula Abdul’s net worth now is at an estimated $30 million.