Nicki Minaj's Music Could Still Feature in 2023 Grammy's Rap Awards

> Nicki Minaj's Music Could Still Feature in 2023 Grammy's Rap Awards

Nicki Minaj's music may still feature in the Grammy's rap music awards category. according to a new article.

Variety claimed that Nicki Minaj will appear in the rap category although her hit single 'Super Freaky Girl,' will not be included.

The song will instead be in contention for the upcoming award's Pop categories.

This news comes after Minaj created controversy on Twitter last week, voicing her frustration that 'super Freaky Girl,' would not be considered as a rap song by the Recording Academy, who nominate the songs for awards.

“I have no prob being moved out [of] the RAP category as long as we [are] ALL being treated FAIRLY. If ‘Super Freaky Girl’ has [to be] moved out RAP then so does ‘Big Energy’!,” Minaj tweeted last Thursday.

Not only did the rapper create a storm for the Grammys, who have been called out by thousands of people since then, but also stirred a beef between her and 'Big Energy,' artist, Latto.

Latto felt disrespected by Minaj's claim that 'Big Energy,' should be excluded from the rap category too, and resulted in the two exchanging insults and private DMs on Twitter that evening.

Ill feelings had appeared to be brewing between the pair long before this but the Twitter feud created controversy.

Latto - Big Energy (Official Video)

Variety's new report claims that neither rapper's songs will feature in the rap category, though their other music may well do.

“Grammy voters who’ve received their ballots tell Variety that Minaj is in contention in the best rap performance category for another song of hers, ‘Do We Have a Problem?’,” wrote Variety writer, Chris Willman.

“The Grammys’ rap screening committee apparently considered this more of a true [Hip Hop song] and ‘Super Freaky Girl’ more Pop in nature, splitting the difference,” added the senior music writer.

According to the article, only a live performance of Latto's 'Big Energy,' will be nominated for the Best Melodic Rap Performance award.

Other songs by the Atlanta performer could feature in the rap-based awards though, such as 'Sunshine,' and 'Mind yo Business.'

Over the last week, a number of Black artists have decided to boycott the Grammys by removing their music from awards contention.

Many African-American and Black artists have felt that there is discrimination at play in how the Grammys conduct themselves, so have snubbed the award.

The upcoming awards will not feature music by Drake, the Weeknd or Bruno Mars, who have all decided to avoid the show.