New Ice Spice Single Sparks Latest TikTok Trend

New Ice Spice Single Sparks Latest TikTok Trend

Jack J
November 03 2022 - 07:41pm

Ice Spice has triggered a new Tik Tok craze with the release of her new single, 'Bikini Bottom.'

The female rapper has followed up the viral success she recently achieved with 'Munch,' and then 'How can I lose if I'm already choose (like)?' in October, with her latest release.

'Bikini Bottom,' has recently been previewed on the Tik Tok social media platform and currently stands on over 39.2k creations.

The fun, almost Spongebob Squarepants -like vibe of the new single has inspired creators on Tik Tok to act like cartoon characters and run around their houses in a chase-like fashion.

The song has been used by stars like Coi Leray amongst others in Tik Toks to show their favourable view of the new hit.

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TikTok Trend

Ice Spice dropped 'Bikini Bottom,' last week and the tune's official music video, directed by George Budford, already has nearly three million views on YouTube, published on the WorldStar hip hop channel.

It features a catchy hook to go along with its unique instrumental.

'How can I lose if I'm already chose? Like...

If she feeling hot, then I make that b froze

And I get a b tight every time that I post, damn

If the party not lit, then I rather not go (why would I go?)

If she feeling hot, then I make that b* froze

And I get a bitch tight every time that I post, damn'

The clip features Ice Spice dancing and performing with her crew in New York.

Other cuts feature Spice performing in front of a red background with dollars falling from the sky.

Ice Spice - Bikini Bottom (Official Music Video)

Since the Bronx native began to see success with her music in 2022, the ex-volley-player linked up with Drake in Toronto after a surprise invite.

The rising star has received some criticism for her live performances, particularly her cameo at New York's 'Rolling Loud' show alongside Fivio Foreign.

Some observers have criticised her stage presence and breath work on stage.

Nevertheless, Ice Spice has moved from one success to another in her very early career, with 'Bikini Bottom,' her latest hit song.

The young rapper was a talented volleyball player at college but began to focus on music during her studies.

The 22-year-old is due to play a number of live shows next year.

So far, Ice Spice has dropped dates for shows at venues in Chicago, Miami and Philadelphia.

On 3rd December, she is due to play at Rio Rancho in New Mexico alongside the likes Lil Wayne and Kid Ink.

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