Netflix K-Drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather Season Premier’: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and More…

> Netflix K-Drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather Season Premier’: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and More…

Netflix hasn’t failed us to deliver movies and shows which will make us excited to come home every day. In fact, February continues to get busier and busier with exciting K-Dramas, and the latest announced is the JTBC drama Forecasting Love and Weather, starring Song Kang.

We have everything you need to know about Forecasting Love and Weather, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix episode release schedule.

When is ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ be Available for Streaming?

The Season debut of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ will premiere on Netflix on Saturday, February 12th, 2022.

Just like most k-dramas, ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ will have a total of 16 episodes. Episode run times are reportedly 60 minutes.

Episodes of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ will first premiere on the South Korean cable network jTBC before arriving on Netflix.

The Cast of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ Season 1

Song Kang, the star of Netflix's Original series Sweet Home and Love Alarm, will once again feature in the lead role of a romantic drama as Lee Shi Woo. 

This will be the fifth time that Song Kang has starred in a Netflix Original series making him one of the most recognizable South Korean actors on the platform. He is paired with actress Park Min Young, who has starred in some very popular k-dramas over the past decade in the likes of When the Weather Is Fine, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Queen for Seven Days, and many others. Park Min Young will play the role of Jin Ha Kyung. ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ is a Netflix Original debut for her.

Here is the full cast list for ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’: Song Kang as Lee Shi Woo, Yoon Park as Han Ki Joon, Yura as Chae Yoo Jin, Kim Mi Kyung as Bae Su Ja, Jung Woon Sun as Jin Tae Kyung, Yoon Sa Bong as Oh Myung Joo, Moon Tae Yu as Shin Seok Ho, Kwon Hae Hyo as Ko Bong Chan, Lee Sung Wook as Eom Dong Han, and Chae Seo Eun as Kim Soo Jin.

What is the Plot of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’?

At the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service, Jin Ha Kyung, has alienated herself, by choice, from the rest of her colleagues as she prefers to play things by the book, and keep personal and professional lives separate.

However, when the free-spirited Lee Shi Woo is employed, he impresses Jin Ha Kyung, through his intelligence and his obsession with the weather, he slowly begins to break down the barriers that Jin Ha Kyung has built around her heart.

More on ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’

Forecasting Love and Weather is an upcoming internationally licensed South Korean Netflix Original romantic comedy series, directed by Cha Young Hoon and written by screenwriters Kang Eun Kyung and Sun Young. 

The official teaser of ‘Forecast Love and Weather’ is now available and you can watch it straight here….

Forecasting Love and Weather | Official Trailer | Netflix