‘My Dream Quinceañera’: Plot, Release Date, Trailer & More

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> ‘My Dream Quinceañera’: Plot, Release Date, Trailer & More

Quinceañera is a Mexican-Columbian celebration of girls’ 15th birthday, symbolizing their transition from teenagehood into womanhood, even though they’re still teenagers. 

Hispanic Americans and Latinos traditionally used this celebration to mark the girls’ innocence and readiness for marriage.

‘My Dream Quinceañera’ Synopsis

Paramount Plus’ My Dream Quinceañera is grounded on Awesomeness TV’s remarkable show of the same title. The remake centers on a triad of Southern California girls, Angelica Luna, Romi Herrada, and Bayle Delgado, as they pull efforts towards their dream Quinceañera. They will reply to a reputable event planner, Maria Perez, who has performed well in the area. 

Stress, drama, fun, and anxiety-My Dream Quinceañera imagines anything you’d experience in planning your Special Day. This is the second project from Awesomeness TV to launch to Paramount+ after the Next Influencer.

More Info

A branch episode, My Dream Quinceañera: By no means too late,  from the same production company will accompany the series following Juliet, a transgender teenager. She misses the chance to experience Quinceañera with her fellows. Juliet performs her celebration. Although a bit late, she discovers herself better than earlier. 

The poster from different sources displays the three girls in magnificent dresses meant to celebrate their big Day, with Juliet, who appears quite older than the girls, dressed in a celebratory mood at the back. AwesomenessTV’s trailer starts with Juliet presenting her teenagehood photos to the other girls as she describes how she doesn’t adore them. 

It then proceeds to the triad’s introduction, childhood photos, and then Perez introduces herself as a make-up artist. “Bayle is one of my most difficult clients,” Perez reveals as Bayle narrates her expectations and needs for the celebration. You surely can’t get enough of the trailer; now, thinking of how the series will be impressive is an understatement.

Who Produces the Series?

My Dream Quinceañera is chiefly produced by Teresa Hsu, with Ashley Kaplan, Paul J Medford, and Luke Wahl as the production overseers. 

The 2015 series managed an outstanding 9.1/10-star rating on IMDb. However, the remake is expected to perform much better than its mother source since the creators have incorporated more fashioned topics like gender representation into the series.

Release Date

My Dream Quinceañera will arrive on our screens on Friday, September 16th, exclusively on Paramount+. The three initial episodes will launch on the above date, followed by weekly releases, totaling ten amazing episodes. 

Paramount+ has taken it to its primary Twitter page to share the premiere news, alongside a poster of the Quinceañeras.