Movies In Movies: 21 Easter Eggs Referencing Directors' Previous Films


You may think it is just out of utter narcissism or vanity, many directors have referenced their previous movies in their films. Sometimes they’re too obvious to miss, but sometimes it’s not that explicit. Here are 21 directors who treated themselves by self-referencing.


1. Edgar Wright: Shaun of the Dead in Hot Fuzz

2. Mel Brooks: Young Frankenstein in Silent Movie

3. Andrei Tarkovsky: Andrei Rublev in The Mirror

4. Brian De Palma: Murder à la Mod in Blow Out

5. Lisandro Alonso: Los Muertos in Fantasma

6. Samuel Fuller: Shock Corridor in The Naked Kiss

7. Steven Spielberg: Jaws in Jurassic Park

8. Richard Donner: Ladyhawke in Conspiracy Theory

9. Roy Del Ruth: Side Show in Taxi!

10. Stanley Kubrick: 2001: A Space Odyssey in A Clockwork Orange

11. Im Sang-soo: Tears in A Good Lawyer’s Wife

12. Fritz Lang: Metropolis in Spione

13. Jean-Luc Godard: Le Petit Soldat in Pierrot le Fou

14. Tobe Hooper: Lifeforce in Invaders from Mars

15. Brian Trenchard-Smith: The Man from Hong Kong in Dead End Drive-In

16. Mario Bava: Black Sabbath in Hatchet for the Honeymoon

17. Clint Eastwood: High Plains Drifter in Breezy

18. Bruce Beresford: Don’s Party in Puberty Blues

19. Abbas Kiarostami: Where is the Friend’s Home? in Life and Nothing More…

20. Wes Craven: Summer of Fear in Deadly Blessing

21. Terry Gilliam: Brazil in The Fisher King
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