‘Little Ellen’ Cancelled by HBO Max Ahead of its Third Season Premiere

‘Little Ellen’ Cancelled by HBO Max Ahead of its Third Season Premiere

Vivian Mwikali
August 10 2022 - 01:04am

Little Ellen will not be proceeding to its fourth and more seasons on HBO Max

After launching its previous two installments in 2019 and 2021, respectively, on HBO max, the series was scheduled to get a premiere date on the same streamer but was delayed over uncertain reasons.

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More News on the Cancelation

Recently Deadline disclosed that Little Ellen had been scrapped. Little Ellen joins the long list of shows getting scrapped from HBO Max, like the incredible Batgirl. 

There hasn't been a clear reason concerning the cancellation, and Warner Bros. Discovery hasn't commented anything either. It's been a turmoil of unanswered questions and deep thoughts from show creators and fans. 

The series cancellation happened some weeks after Ellen DeGeneres wrapped up her daytime talk show on May 36th after 19 amazing episodes. She hasn't made any official statement regarding the cancellation either- maybe she's taking her time.

What is The Third Season About?

The third season had already been made and completed, but it might not get an HBO Max premiere date. The kindergarten animated show showcases Ellen DeGeneres's life as a seven-year-old in ten episodes. 

Season three was initially set to see the uplifted youngsters examine the planet through Ellen DeGeneres' eyes, an erratic and comical seven-year-old on her operations in her musical old New Orleans neighborhood. 

The little Ellen comes across massive obstacles and makes significant errors, although she's ready to giggle and quickly return when things backfire. The film portrays Ellen DeGeneres as the unpredictable and humorous seven-year-old.

‘Little Ellen’ Showrunners and Cast

Little Ellen is a Warner Bros and Ellen Digital Ventures production with Sam Register, Kevin A. Leman II, and Ellen DeGeneres as the chief producers, with Jason Blackman as the producer and Jennifer Skelly as the co-chief producer.

DeGeneres features a diverse voice cast like Laurel Emory, portraying Little Ellen, Jecobi Swain, and playing Freckle, Johanna Colón, depicts Becky, and June Squibb as Gramsy.

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What's Next for the Fans?

HBO Max and animation fans have worried about the streamer's direction that shows are being scrapped even after completion. 

From the look of things, HBO Max and Discovery+ merging will affect several greatly loved shows. 

Viewers should now stay on the watch for their favorite shows on HBO Max in case they shift their location.

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