Latest (Impractical?) Trend: Micro Bags!


The rules of fashion are known and predictable. For example, if mini skirts are in this year, maxi skirts will replace them in a couple of years. And if the big handbags are trendy, it isn't difficult to predict that the next big thing will be the micro bags. However, the bags are now shrinking more and more and the question "What can you fit in them?" seems to be pretty valid; but they still look super adorable!

The latest trend in bags: micro bags!

The diagonal line versions are especially popular.

However, it is possible to see the micro size of every popular design.

The celebrities love this trend, which we have seen often during fashion weeks.

The smaller, the better!

And yeah, what can you put in them? Remember what the point of carrying a bag used to be?

A credit card, keys (obviously without any kind of key chain), and a lipstick will barely make it.

And the funny thing is, most of the phones we use today are bigger than these bags.

But on the other hand, when we actually choose to hold our phone in our hand or put it in our pocket, the validity of this concern is open to debate.

The rather sizable ones are more useful and practical than the 'almost non-existing' ones.

And those who prefer the tiniest ones might end up having to wear multiple bags.

If we set aside the 'usefulness' debate, they look very sweet and elegant!

Don't they?

Now we leave you with the examples of the micro bag trend, which we will be seeing more and more often soon.
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