Just Ryan Reynolds Being Ryan Reynolds On Hugh Jackman's Birthday Tweet


Hugh Jackman tweeted a sweet celebration of Ryan Reynolds' birthday and he responded in he most Ryan Reynolds way possible...

Source: https://comicbook.com/marvel/2018/10/24/...

Reynolds quoted Jackman's tweet and called him 'Monster'. For celebrating his birthday.

The duo have teamed up in recent years and Reynolds has slipped a share of Wolverine jokes in Deadpool movies but the pair's characters most likely won't unite on screen again.

''The first call I made was to Jim [James Mangold]. I said, ‘Jim, I got one more shot at this.’ As soon as I got with Jim and started working on the idea of it, I was never more excited. But it feels like the right time… Deadpool, go for it, man. You do your thing. You don’t need me." said Hugh Jackman.

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