Is Herobrine a Real Minecraft character? Here’s All You Need to Know

> Is Herobrine a Real Minecraft character? Here’s All You Need to Know

Minecraft is this generation’s game. It can be played on any gadget and represents a virtual world where anything can be built. 

Players can enjoy the game in two modes- creative or survival. In creative, you don’t have to forge for items as the raw materials are readily available. Survival mode is where it gets interesting, as you not only have to build to survive but also fend off creepers of the night.

What has endeared young and old players into this virtual world is that it is pleasantly wholesome- a breath of fresh air, if you will, with little to no violence. The graphics are also very cartoon-like. 

There are two gameplay options to choose from- single or multiplayer, and while Minecraft can’t control cuss words, you can turn off chat settings. 

Minecraft has grown into a cult classic that fans have re-fictionalized this already fictional world- one good example is the story of Herobrine.  

Here’s everything you need to know about this fan-fictionalized character.

Where did Herobrine come from?

One popular urban legend is the story of Herobrine, a character with empty, back-lit eyes. Legend has it that this character lurks around the edges of the game and leaves clues about his presence, such as trees without any leaves, and 2x2 tunnels. 

The legend explains that a player was engaged in a single-player game when it seemed like another player was in the game. He posted this experience in an online forum, but every time he would reach out to other players about the existence of Herobrine, his inquiries would get deleted. 

In the end, he decided to reach out to Notch, one of Minecraft's makers, by asking him if he had a brother. Notch is said to have mysteriously replied that he had a brother but had passed away.

Is Herobrine real?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the short answer is that Herobrine is not real. Unless modifications were made to the standard Minecraft game, chances are you will not see Herobrine as he’s not part of it. 

Still, for fans to be so enamored by the game that they would create fan-fiction that would stick, proves that Minecraft has made a permanent mark on this generation.