If You Were An Emotion, Which One Would You Be?


Have you ever wondered that if you could be an emotion, which emotion you would be? If you didn't, we're sure you do now! Alright then, solve this test and find out which emotion you are!

1. Choose the facial expression you have when you wake up in the morning

2. In which of these situations do you feel more comfortable and happy?

When I'm with loved ones
When I'm having sex
When I'm alone
I'm always happy

3. Now choose the situation when you feel the most uncomfortable!

When everybody looks at me
When I'm not taken seriously
When I'm rejected
When I'm humiliated
When people around me are angry
When I'm left alone

4. Now, you're uncomfortable and angry enough, what do you do to relax in these situations?

I take a shower
I draw something
I sleep
I drink
I talk to my partner
I talk to my friends

5. Let's say you are late for where you're going and the bus hasn't come yet: What do you do?

I'll call and say I'll be late
I'll call and complain about the buss
I'll take a cab
Nothing. They can wait

6. Which one of these sounds do you like hearing most?

Sound of children
Sound of fire burning
Sound of the rain
Sound of applause
Sound of the waves hitting the shore
Can't we just listen to music?

7. Do you think you are a real social person?

I'm not sure

8. Final question: If it were possible, which occupation would you do both having fun and successfully?


You are pure love!


If you were an emotion, undoubtedly you would be pure love! Because you approach everyone and everything around you with endless love; you offer them your love unconditionally. Because that's who you are. First of all, you love yourself. Moreover, you know the more you love, the better the world will be. You also have high compassion, you can't upset anyone. If only everyone was ''love'' like you!

You're passionate love!


If you were an emotion, undoubtedly you would be passionate love! You are ''the one'' that everyone finds attractive and impressive, and they all want to be with you! You dazzle people and they get attached to you. You are the person that everyone wants and when they find you, you take their breath away because you are the best feeling among all, you are LOVE!

You're the strongest, the darkest state of hate!


If you were an emotion, you would definitely be the strongest and darkest state of hate! You've had enough with people, your heart has been shattered into pieces, even the little crumbs of love are swept by people. That's why you decided not to trust or love anyone. But let me tell you something; this does not bother you at all. Because all the wounds you've taken became a lesson for you and like the famous saying: "whatever didn't kill you made you stronger!"

You are fear!


If you were an emotion, you would definitely be the fear that makes people have nightmares! You have such a style that people hold back when they talk to you, and they even stutter. We think that this is because of your harsh and authoritarian attitude. I don't think we have to say that you're a natural born leader. Whatever you say, people do it right away, and they respect you a lot. But they also know your downside and know what kind of things you can do when you are angry!  Making a long story short, nobody has the power and the ability that you have!

You are the sweetest of them all, you're hope!


If you were an emotion, you would definitely be the sweetest of them all, you would be hope! Because you're one of the most positive, lively and joyful people in the world. Whatever happens, you always see the bright side and and you let nothing bring you down or make you give up. People around you admire this part of you a lot and whenever they feel sad, they come to you for therapy. Briefly, you're the needed person everywhere and you're like sun that shines on people!

You are pride!


If you were an emotion, you would definitely be pride! You have rules, you have your own principles, and you have your limits in every aspect of life and you let noone pass those limits. You're also very serious. You don't like unnecessary close relationships. These rules that you have show themselves in every part of your life. First of all, you're a very planned and disciplined person. When we look at it that way, there is no better emotion that pride that suits you perfectly!

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