Human 'Ken Doll' To Get His Eye Color Changed Despite The Risk Of Going Blind!


A plastic surgery addict dubbed 'the Human Ken Doll' is in India for controversial plastic surgery on his eyeballs - despite the risk that he could go blind. Rodrigo Alves, 33, has already spent $513,000 (£397,000) on more than 150 body-changing operations and procedures - including liposuction, six-pack implants, and botox fillers.

Brazilian-born Rodrigo, from London loves being called the 'Ken doll.'

He has already had more than 150 body-changing operations and procedures just to look like the Barbie Ken doll.

A plastic surgery addict dubbed 'the Human Ken Doll' is in India for a very controversial operation.

He has been using contact lenses for nearly 20 years to have blue eyes.

He has already met with surgeons in India, where he has been buying outfits and traveling on tuk-tuks. Eye color changing cosmetic implants have only become possible in the last few years.

Eye surgeons strongly recommend it not be performed on healthy eyes due to potential risks like glaucoma, blindness, and wonky pupils.

How Rodrigo used to look before he started his surgery.

Speaking from New Delhi, he said: 

"I have being wearing coloured contact lenses since the age of 14. My brown eyes don't match my complexion or the person that I see when i look in the mirror. Five years ago at a party in LA I met this artist who does hand painted contact lenses for the movies in Hollywood and I started to have my lenses customised.''

"But they are hand pointed and it takes up to six weeks for the artist to paint them. I have had 14 pairs - each around £500 - and the maintenance is very expensive."

During the surgery, a 2.8mm slit will be cut in his eye, before the silicone implant is washed into the space in front of his real iris.

The painless operation will take just five to ten minutes per eye, and the cut will 'self-seal' so he won't need stitches.

The procedure was invented for people whose irises did not develop normally at birth, or people who had damage to their eyes, such as burn victims.

That's why Rodrigo traveled to India and will stay in the hospital for 3 days for recovery.

"Like with any surgery there will always be risks involved. I have had 57 surgeries and 107 procedures but only two complications, which isn't too bad going."

His long list of surgery includes $10,300 (£8,000) on Botox and fillers, $38,700 (£30,000) on three nose jobs, $3,800 (£3,000) on liposuction to his jaw and $12,900 (£10,000) on pec implants.

Rodrigo first went under the knife in 2004 after having struggled with the way he looked since childhood.

He has also spent $28,400 (£22,000) on a fake six pack, $9,000 (£7,000) on fillers to his arms, $9,000 (£7,000) on hospital bills, $9,000 (£7,000) on laser lipo, $7,700 (£6,000) on leg lipo and $3,800 (£3,000) on calf shaping.

Party-loving Rodrigo says he pays for the operations himself through promotional and TV work, brand endorsements, and renting out homes in Spain.

We hope that he'll achieve the look he wants before he hurts himself.

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