How To Find The Secret Woods in Stardew Valley

How To Find The Secret Woods in Stardew Valley

Ramses Miaco
October 22 2022 - 01:17pm

There are many rare materials in Stardew Valley, and there

is a certain forest where you can collect precious Hardwood. If you want to

unlock the Secret Woods, follow the steps below!

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Where Is The Secret Woods?

The Secret Woods is actually near your farm in Stardew

Valley. It is found on the northwest corner of the Cindersap Forest, the area

below your farm. To make it easier to find, it is also on top of the region

before the entrance of the Wizard’s Tower.

Of course, entering the Secret Woods is not as easy as you

think. A Steel Axe is required to chop the enormous trunk that is blocking the

entrance of the woods. To upgrade your tools, visit Clint in the lower right

part of the town. Remember, you have to collect five iron bars and 5000 gold

before Clint can start upgrading your axe.

What Do You Get In The Secret Woods?

Collecting Hardwood

As mentioned previously, the Secret Woods is the home of

large stumps that drop Hardwood. A rare resource used to either upgrade or

repair items in Stardew Valley. Not to mention, the stumps in Secret Woods also

respawn every day, so make sure to come back whenever you can!

Slaying Enemies

Also, bring decent weaponry because strong slimes live in

the Secret Woods. These enemies drop Mahogany Tree seeds, which you can plant

on your farm and grow for Hardwood.

Helping Old Master Cannoli

Old Master Cannoli is a statue seen in Secret Woods. When

given a Sweet Gem Berry, it rewards the player with a Stardrop, which

permanently increases the player’s maximum energy.

Foraging and Fishing

There are also multiple resources that you can forage in the

Secret Woods, such as Red Mushroom, Chanterelle, and Holly. Also, a unique

fish, Woodskip, only spawns in the small pond in Secret Woods. Try fishing for

some since you have to use them to upgrade the Community Center.

That ends the guide about the Secret Woods in Stardew Valley. It is not a tricky area to find or access. Make sure to visit it every playthrough because it houses rare resources!

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