How ‘Love Island’ Season 8 Differs from its Predecessors

How ‘Love Island’ Season 8 Differs from its Predecessors

Vivian Mwikali
August 24 2022 - 11:18am

Love Island is an unscripted reality and romance show following a group of hot singles searching for love while residing in a magnificent villa. 

At the estate, temptations to fall in love are inevitable; the pairs are forced to choose whether they wish to reshuffle or maintain their current 'lovers.' 

Any contestant who doesn't have a better half or a couple who gets the lowest vote is at risk of leaving the villa. The best couples stand a chance to win prize money of $50,000.

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Who Produced ‘Love Island’

The series is an ITV Entertainment (an American ITC Company) production with ITV Studios as the distributor. 

David George, Adam Sher, Simon Thomas, Tom Gould, Richard Cowles, Mike Spencer, Richard Foster, and Chet Fenster are the series' chief producers.

Cast Members

The cast of the eighth season includes Jacques O'Neil, Andrew Le Page, Tasha Ghouri, Ikenna Ekwoma, Indiyah Polack, Amber Beckford, Dami Hope, Ekin-Su Culculoglu, Davide Sanclimenti, Luca Bish, and Gemma Owen. 

Season 8 of Love Island, launched in June, is currently in progress, and seven out of 49 episodes have aired. Evidently, plenty of changes distinguish this season from its predecessors. Let's have a look.

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1. A New Villa

One of the notable features of the eighth season is the new sparkling villa where the contestants spend their let's-find-love days.

In 2017, season three of Love Island transformed the mansion, which was used for the five following seasons, but not as significant as in this season. 

The new estate has everything from substantial outdoor space, panoramic views, and secret spots for mischief to the massive pool. 

It's themed in fancy pink retro lights and a bright orange carpet, harmonizing the traditional neon hearts. 'They looked at several villas, and this was by far their best.' Mike Spencer, chief producer.

2. Diversity and Representation

Another significant change to season eight of Love Island is the step towards diversity and representation of deaf people internationally. 

The season welcomes a deaf contestant, Tasha Ghouri, as part of the first lineup of ladies entering the villa. Ghouri was born entirely deaf and wore a cochlear implant to support her hearing.

3. No More Food Challenges

While fans were used to witnessing the horrible food challenges the contestants were forced to engage in, season eight has it all different. The challenges mainly involved the contestants spitting food in their partner's mouths in a horrific display. 

The chief producer confirmed that the eighth season would rest from the messy challenge, 'We are stepping away from the food challenges as we know them.'

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4. The Death of Fast Fashion Sponsorship

In the previous seasons, the contestants were offered a wardrobe packed with outfits from fast fashion brands such as I Saw It First. 

The eighth season sees a remarkable transformation in the islander's outfits and moves toward a more sustainable clothing brand. After its partnership with eBay, season eight contestants are dressed in second-hand clothes to enhance fashion sustainability.

5. Parental Guidance Content

Love Island season eight comes with a step towards reducing the naughty acts that the contestants engage in. 

The previous seasons showcased graphic shows aired weekly, like Terry Walsh and Emma Woodhams over-the-covers romp in season two.

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6. Rule of Smoking

In the previous seasons, the Islanders were allowed to smoke within the villa, before cameras, and whenever they wished. 

Due to significant views from the fans, the show creators have impacted a change to this and established strict rules relating to smoking. 

The new villa has a designated smoking zone located away from the main villa and garden.

7. Longer Exciting Episodes

Over the years, Love Island has grown significantly in popularity as fans can't get enough of the exciting re-couplings, drama, fiery bombshells, and more that have prompted the creators to make longer episodes. The first season only offered five episodes running weekly. 

With Love Island season eight, you can enjoy up to eight episodes a week for ten weeks and special behind-the-scenes bits on Saturdays.

8. No More Fame-Seeking

The previous seven seasons had a fast-fashion contract and overnight social media fame waiting for them outside the villa, but reportedly the showrunners are planning to cut the crap in season eight. 

'Love Island executives have no interest in fame seekers. As it has always been, we cast singles who are searching for love and nothing else. As simple as that.'

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9. The Audiences Get to Select the First Couples

In seasons one to seven, the first episodes saw the launch of the islander couples meeting for the first time in the series. 

The girls could step forward for guys they found attractive, while the guys held the power to choose the girls to pair with. 

The 2022 season eight allows the audience to select the first couple before the show kicks off.

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