How A Single Photo Turned This Handsome Construction Worker's Life Around!


Social media is a very powerful tool that shouldn't be underestimated. Nowadays, we have YouTube celebrities, Instagram celebrities, bloggers and what not.

This young man from the Netherlands experienced the power of social media first hand. His life changed completely just because of a photo a random stranger took.

Did someone say butterfly effect?

This cute dude in the photo is Nicky Libert. He lives in the Netherlands. He is 26 and is a construction worker.

Yes, he looks quite yummy.

Some girls came to him one day while he was working and told him that he should be a model and they chatted for a while.

He accepted when they wanted to take a photo of him.

Danika, one of the girls, who also happens to study fashion, shared the photo and the internet goes crazy!

Girls all over internet lost it. There were marriage proposals and lots of other kinds of crazy stuff!

Women continued sharing the photos until they found out who this hot man is.

And that's how the number of Nicky's Instagram followers went from 485 to 20.000 and right now the number is 44.000!

And it seems like he maybe had a feeling that he would become a model, because he had taken model-like photos before this even happened:


After all this fuss, he landed a modeling contract with the world-renown modeling agency 'Elite.'

Danika, the photographer is very happy for Nicky and Nicky himself is living a dream. But he hasn't quit his construction job yet.

So let's get back to hopelessly hoping that something like this will happen to us, too.

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