“Honeymoon With My Mother”: Everything We Know About the Adventure Comedy Film

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> “Honeymoon With My Mother”: Everything We Know About the Adventure Comedy Film

The upcoming Netflix comedy-drama film ‘Honeymoon With My Mother’ arouses curiosity and intrigue with the fans. It creates anticipation and leaves us wondering what the story has to give, no matter how ludicrous, nasty, or awkward it sounds.

'Honeymoon With My Mother' is a Spanish drama film about a mother who joins her son on his honeymoon when his fiancee cheats on him with another man. 

The plot centers around a mother-son pair who are obliged to go on a honeymoon together and eventually come to better understand each other.

What was supposed to be a honeymoon turns into a chance for the mother-son duo to fully recognize their love and care for one another.

Amor de Madre, which translates to 'Mother's Love,' is the Spanish title for this Netflix original film. Paco Caballero directed the film, which was scripted by Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor. Cites (2015), Doble Check (2011), and Abuelitos (2007) are among the films directed by Paco Caballero.

‘Honeymoon With My Mother’: Release Date

‘Honeymoon With My Mother’ will be released on April 29, 2022 on the giant streaming platform Netflix.

‘Honeymoon With My Mother’: Trailer

Netflix has recently dropped the movie trailer on YouTube. The trailer has already gotten positive feedback from the public, as the film's idea is unusual, and the scenes of mother-son bonding are both wonderful and exquisite.

Check out the trailer below:

‘Honeymoon with My Mother’: Plot

The film is about a man who gets dumped on his wedding day by his fiance, as revealed in the teaser. Because he can't go on his honeymoon alone, the pandemonium is caused by the honeymoon.

The mother expects him to die on the honeymoon, something she does not want to happen. Don't inquire as to why or how. As a result, a man suggests that she and her son go on a honeymoon.

The mother is taken aback and enraged at first. Later, though, both the mother and son agree to travel to Mauritius. They are offered a love package after they arrive on the vacation.

After that, they have fun pretending to be newlyweds and participating in numerous activities for free. The son becomes enraged when he sees his mother drinking and partying, but he eventually comes to understand his mother and why he loves her so much.

‘Honeymoon With My Mother’: Cast

This film features Quim Gutierrez, Carren Miachi, Celia Frejeiro, Andres Velencoso, Edeen Bhugeloo, Jake Francois, Yolanda Ramos, Jorge Suqet, Juanjo Cuacalon Justina Bustos, Joaquin Ortega, Pere Costa, and Dominique Guillo.

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