'Hipster' Movement Ended, What's Next? Here Are 8 New Trends That Might Be Next Thing!


The hipster trend that was so hated and loved in the same time is fading out. Of course, the world doesn't go round with trends and fashion movements so many new ones have started rising. We aren't yet sure which one will end up replacing hipsters but we compiled them so you can decide for yourself.

Unfortunately / Or finally, the hipster trend is coming to an end.


Sepia filters are fast disappearing from our Insta feeds, and no one's wearing skinny jeans anymore (another trend embraced it 😀), people aren't wearing framed glasses without necessity. The beard and vinyl trend is going on but the essential characteristics of the hipster are fading out.

But what's replacing it?


Sub-cultures and trends constantly change shapes. The world has seen and experienced so many of them! Like hippies, goths, and emos, hipsters also expired. According to experts there are many new trends that could replace the hipster, and really, you don't have to be a trend hunter to observe the new lifestyles, and fashion statements that give way to them. 

Here are the rising trends:



Yuccies are like the evolved hipsters. It means young urban creatives, who are well educated, living in big cities and are the visionary Y generation young people. They strictly avoid 9-5 jobs and even if they accept one they only use it as a middle step for their actual goals, which are mainly small entrepreneurship ideas and initiatives that will make them rich fast.



Many adults today miss the past and have a nostalgia that can sometimes be reflected in a lifestyle which seeks their inner child. They buy clothing with cartoon characters, cute furniture and watch cartoons/animations, and children's shows even if they don't have any kids. This trend is called cutester. Some criticize them saying that they act this way because they want to escape the responsibilities of adulthood.

Health Goth


Maybe you'll recall the pastel goth trend from a few years ago. Gothic is a trend that always takes different shapes to adapt to the times. Health goth started with a Facebook page of gothic people who exercise, eat well and dress in fashionable work out clothes. The only difference is that all these clothes are mostly black and on par with the gothic style. And they continue to listen to heavy, dark music.



This one is the strongest candidate to completely replace the throne of the hipster. Because almost everyone dresses and acts accordingly whether they realize it or not. This new word, that entered the Oxford dictionary, is the mix of the words 'normal' and 'hardcore'. Those who are bored with the cliche fashion patterns start wearing old, outdated and 'unfashionable' clothes. Mom jeans, pijamas, slippers, fanny packs and many more are a part of this trend. Of course, when a lot of people start wearing these otherwise unfashionable pieces, they go into fashion again. That's why we can consider normcore as some kind of a paradox.



This is a very new word and needs a little explanation. It's the people who take videos of themselves shopping in stores and malls, and share with their followers what they buy. They only consume, and take photos and videos of what/how they consume and therefore turn their consumption into some kind of production. And their number can't be underestimated! Many don't see this as a lifestyle yet, but it can be considered one seeing the number of haulsters and their larger amount of followers.



Started and spread in 2011 from Tumblr, seapunk is exactly what the name suggests; the fashion of punks who live under the sea. It's very inspired from the 90s fashion and of course, is mainly blue, green, teal and turquoise.

Witch House


This alt-culture looks like it jumped out of a 80s Italian scary movie. They have a dark theme, and listen to music of the same name, that is some kind of mellow electronic dark pop with bands with weird names like † ‡ †, oOoOO, and ΔAIMON. Occult and ancient egypt symbols, minimalistic tattoos and ripped clothing defines the image of this trend. The name was first suggested in 2009 as a joke but keeps rising every day.

Soft Grunge


Just like gothic softened, the rebellious 90s style grunge is also softening. Soft grunge is for the people who embrace the fashion style of the grunge (hence, the old rock band tshirts sold everywhere) but prefer today's rebellious pop stars for music. This trend is mainly seen on big music festivals.

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